Vegan Paradise in Bangkok – Thailand

My fellow vegans know how many unwanted french fries they’ve eaten, or worse, how many times they have gone hungry while traveling or even in mega malls because not a single vegan dish was available.No more my friends, you are in Bangkok!🍍

Vegan Paradise in Bangkok - Thailand
Vegan Pizza

The most delicious fresh fruits, traditional dishes easily “veganized” and plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants all around town.
Paradise is here and it tastes like coconut!😜

Here the addresses we visited at the video:

Veganerie Concept
Address: Behind Benjasari Park, 35/2 Soi Methinivate, Klongtoei, Bangkok
BTS(skytrain): Phrom Phong station – Sukhumvit line, exit 2 or 6 (5min walk)
Opening hours: 10am to 9pm

Govinda Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria – โกวินดาเรสเตอรองท์
Vegetarian, vegan-friendly
Address: 6/5 Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok
Address in Thai: 6/5 ถนน สุขุมวิท แขวง คลองตัน กรุงเทพมหานคร
BTS(skytrain): Phrom Phong station – Sukhumvit line, exit 6 (8-10min walk)
Opening hours: 12pm to 2:30pm , 6pm to 10:30pm

Rasayana Retreat
Address: 57 Soi Prom-mitr, Sukhumvit 39, Klonton-nua, Bangkok
BTS(skytrain): Phrom Phong station – Sukhumvit line, exit 3 (10-15min walk)
Opening hours: 9am to 9pm

Emporium Shopping Mall
Address: 622 Sukhumvit Road, Watthana, Bangkok
Address in Thai: 622 ถนน สุขุมวิท แขวง คลองตันเหนือ เขต วัฒนา
BTS(skytrain): Phrom Phong station – Sukhumvit line, exit 2
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

Vegan Paradise in Bangkok - Thailand
View from Emporium of Benjasiri Park

Vegetarian, vegan-friendly
Address: Near Khao San Road (behind Burger King), 85/2 Thanon Tanao, Khwaeng Wat Bowon Niwet, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Address in Thai: 85/2 ถนนตะนาว แขวง วัดบวรนิเวศ เขต พระนคร กรุงเทพมหานคร
Canal Boat (Klhong Saen Saeb): Phanfa Leelard pier (interchange at Pratunam pier if needed)
Opening hours: 7am to 11:45pm

May Kaidee
Vegetarian, vegan-friendly (also a cooking school)
Address: Near Khao San Road (behind Burger King), Thanon Tanao, Khwaeng Wat Bowon Niwet, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Address in Thai: 59 ตรอกวัดบวรรังษี ถนนราชดำเนินกลาง แขวงตลาดยอด เขตพระนคร ใกล้ไปรษณีย์ราชดำเนิน
Canal Boat (Klhong Saen Saeb): Phanfa Leelard pier (interchange at Pratunam pier if needed)
Opening hours: 9am to 10pm

Do you want to try some of this yourself? Let us know at the comments bellow!💗

Vegan Paradise in Bangkok - Thailand
Khao San Road


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Best of Asiatique Riverfront Night Market – Bangkok, Thailand

We have a love story with markets and Asiatique just helps it to go on!
With plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, games and shows to assure you a pleasant evening; all with famous Chao Phraya River as the view.
They even hold special events on the holidays as you can see clicking here.

How To Get There⛴

Although accessible by car, the short and free boat ride has a special charm and we definitely advise you to use this route.
Arriving at sunset make for a great boat ride and don’t worry if you arrive later because the lightened ferris wheel will do the trick completing the landscape while you approach by boat.

Asiatique The Riverfront –เอเชียทีค เดอะ ริเวอร์ฟร้อนท์ 
Address: 2194 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 
Address In Thai: 
ที่อยู่: 2194 ถนน เจริญกรุง แขวง วัดพระยาไกร เขต บางคอแหลม กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120 
BTS(skytrain): Saphan Taksin BTS Station – Silom line, exit 2( then take a free Asiatique shuttle boat at Sathorn Pier )
Sathorn Pier(Central Pier) – ท่าเรือสาทร 
Open from 5:00pm-12:00pm.
Asiatique official website:

 Best of Asiatique Riverfront Night Market - Bangkok, Thailand

Asiatique or Chatuchak?

Compared to Chatuchak Weekend Market, it is smaller and pricier but still on the cheap side and don’t get short on attractions.
Asiatique is not as crowded and hold a more relaxed vibe to it.Great choice if you are not feeling like been at a packed place.
If staying enough time in Bangkok visiting booth is recommended, they hold different aspects.
Click here to see our post about Chatuchak.

Best of Asiatique Riverfront Night Market - Bangkok, Thailand

Cabaret Show💃

Calypso Cabaret Show is located just behind the main buildings and is a popular attraction for the last 27 years at the city.
Tickets can be bought on site with a dinner options available.
Calypso official website:

Ferris Wheel🎡

The picture that come to mind when talking about Asiatique always include the Mekhong ferris wheel.
Displaying a lovely sight of Chao Phraya River and the city, it surely adds to the whole event.
Prices are 300 thb per person(200 thb for kids under 120cm) and even a Private Gondola for 1000 thb(2 people) and VIP Gondola for 1500 thb(2-3 people).
Mekhong Ferris Wheel official website:

Best of Asiatique Riverfront Night Market - Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Cuisine🍲

As everywhere you go in Thailand, delicious meals awaits you.
Be sure to try out local dishes, they are incredibly flavorful, don’t miss out the opportunity to indulge Thai food.

Best of Asiatique Riverfront Night Market - Bangkok, Thailand
Fresh spring rolls


Cute souvenirs, crafts, traditional garments, natural products and more.
If you have been to any other major markets in Bangkok, the products follow the usual(yet always tempting).
It was an enjoyable experience, we end up visiting Asiatique few time during our stay and wish you can do it to.😉

We can’t help loving night markets, a sample of local culture is always there to taste!
Have you been bitten by the market bug too?Share with us at the comments below!❤️

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Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia – Part 1

Blinding white sand with calm light turquoise water.Just like heaven might look, but right here on earth for you to enjoy.
This is Rong Samloem island setting, one not easy to forget.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

There’s no roads, cars or such.Only a dozen of simple beach front hotels(and unfortunately couple of piers).
With two trails departing from the main Saracen Bay, one heading to Lazy Beach(20 min walk) and the other to Sunset Beach(45 min walk).Any other transportation is done by small boats you can easily rent along the beach.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

But first, as you know, you have to get there:

How To Get There

From Sihanoukville

The way from Sihanouk to Koh Rong Samloem (not to be confused with the neighbor Koh Rong) is easy.
You just have to buy the fast boat tickets, available at most hotels, as well at small tour shops around the city.

Transportation from your hotel to Serendipity Beach pier is included at ticket price.
The available schedule includes boats at 9:00, 11:00 and 15:00.The ride takes 45 min and costs 10 usd one way.

There’s more then one company traveling this route, timetables are known for changing frequently and late boat departures are common.
The boat will stop at 3 piers in Koh Rong Samloem: Saracen Bay, Ecosea Resort and M’Pay Bay(11:00am boat doesn’t stop at M’Pay Bay) .

Be aware that when you buy an open return ticket, the company may keep available space at the boat for new buyers and leave you without option but to wait for other times or dates.
We had a bad experience with that.Unless you already know the exactly time and date you want to be back and leave it scheduled, you better of buying the return when you have your dates later on.


From Bangkok, Thailand

Click Here to see our post about how to get from Bangkok to Sihanoukville, then follow the “From Sihanoukville” section above.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1
Saracen Bay

Where To Stay

Saracen Bay is our recommendation due to convenience and looks.
As far as beach quality, I’m sure you’ll have no complaints (aside from not wanting to leave).It is paradisiacal, literally.
From Saracen Bay still you have 2 tracking trails available, amplifying your visit options without counting on a boat.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

Comfort talking, food options are quite limited at the island, alternating restaurants can be a big deal when facing poor menu choices, and this will be only an option when staying in Saracen.
The food struggle is even worse for vegans, not many fruits and veggies are available, eating a fried rice with only one veggie on it is likely to happen until you find better options elsewhere.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

Accommodation-wise, there’s no high-end resorts at the island.
Most of hotels are simple bungalows, some with limited electricity.
We booked two different hotels, but due to work emergency we left without actually staying at the second one.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

In the other hand, if you’re looking for privacy and isolated feeling staying at Lazy Beach may be the best choice for you.
The fast boat don’t stop at this beach though, a boat ride or 20 min walk will be needed.
The golden sand beach and greenish ocean are a total different look from Saracen, making these 2 must see spots.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

Things To Do

If you’re after some water fun ➡️ snorkeling, diving(even getting your padi ) and kayaking are available(and recommended!) at the island.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

Feet on the sand is your vibe? Chilling at the beach and trekking to explore the island are great options!

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

What about night time? You can rent a boat for 40 usd (boat price, can be shared by a group) to swim with magical looking bioluminescent plankton contrasting with the dark sea.

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

If you ask my opinion I would say go on and do it all!Enjoy every aspect of this beautiful place!🌴

Heavenly Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia - Part 1

Where To Next

Click Here to learn more about neighbor city Sihanoukville or Here to neighbor country Thailand.

Are you in for an exotic island adventure?Let us know at the comments below.💙

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Marvelous Golden Mount – Bangkok, Thailand

The idea I had in mind was of a similar temple like the ones I’ve seen before in Thailand, if it is yours as well, drop it!

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand

To skip the traffic we took the canal boat until the last stop to our attraction of the day, if you’re staying near the canal it may be a way to experience this authentic transportation, but if you’re far away or don’t like to get much out of your comfort zone than just take a taxi(address below).

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand

Soon after you enter the gate the fresh steam, plants and nature sounds connect you to the energy of the place.
Don’t worry about the number of steps, it’s a shadowed short enough way up.

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand

If, like me, you appreciate details; there’s a bunch to catch your attention while you make it to the top.

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand

The temple history is rather sad, but it sure shows how energy transforms with time and still stands as a memorial to the ones involved.

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand


Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand

When you do arrive, the beautiful view of the city plus the architecture all around are just an add-on at my favorite part of the experience that was the way up.👆🌇

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand


Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand

The Golden Mount – ภูเขาทอง – พระบรมบรรพต
Placed inside Wat Saket – วัดสระเกศราชวรมหาวิหาร compound.
Address: 344 Chakkraphat Diphong Road, Ban Bat, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่: 344 ถนนจักรพรรดิพงษ์ แขวงบ้านบาตร เขตป้อมปราบศัตรูพ่าย กรุงเทพมหานคร
Canal Boat (Klhong Saen Saeb): Phanfa Leelard pier (interchange at Pratunam pier if needed)
Opens from 8:00 to 17:00.

Marvelous Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand


Making your way up anytime soon?Let us know in the comments below!❤


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Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

Khao Lak – เขาหลัก
is a departure point for some of the coolest snorkeling and diving spots in Thailand as well as some scenic tour destinations like James Bond Island.
Located in Phang Nga province this is a great family destination likewise for couples or anyone looking for more quiet, relaxing vibe.
Home of many high-end resorts Khao Lak has more of a sophisticated touch then most of Thai destinies that usually thrive on the laid back atmosphere.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

For me was all about chilling at the beach all day long, having something to eat looking at the sea and watching the sunset with some Thai massage.Then the night would be the gourmet moment followed by some souvenir shopping at the cozy beach stores all around the main street.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get ThereBeach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

For such small place i was surprised with the great supermarket and the variety of restaurants you could find around.
Something easy peasy to encounter was the tour booths distributed all over the city where you could buy multiple tour options from snorkeling to hikes, during from one afternoon to tree days long.
We’ve done the Monkey Temple + Panyee Village + James Bond Island Tour and the Similan Islands snorkeling tour.We loved the experience and highly recommend.

Beaches + Where To Stay

We visited 3 beaches while our stay: Amphoe Takua Pa, Nang Thong Beach, Pakweeb Beach (White Sand Beach).They were distinct from each other and we recommend looking them up.
Our hotel was located at Nang Thong Beach, nice area to stay with multiple restaurant choices, stores, the city center, etc.
If you want a more secluded place then White Sand Beach is a good call.

Tip: We advise to book accommodation ahead if you’re visiting Khao Lak in the high season peak (November-February).

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There


Onboard of our motorbike we drove 7km along the rubber trees listening the melodic nature sounds al the way to Tonchongfa Waterfall.
When the entrance is reached you have to park your vehicle there and proceed by walk for another 1km.The final part of the walk is a little complicated, not advised for people with mobility problems.
Tonchongfa was quiet and beautiful with enough place to swim and friendly garra rufa fishes(massage fishes) that help you renovate your skin.🐟
There’s few other waterfalls to be explored such as Lampi Waterfall(easy access), Pakweep Waterfall(easy access) and Ton Prai Waterfall.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There


To better explore the area we decided to rent a motorbike during our stay(around 300-350 baht a day at the high season, if renting for multiple days discount is applied).Cars were also available for rent.
If you know how to drive that’s a great way to get to know around and don’t get sucked at the beach you’re staying, otherwise you can take a taxi or tuk tuk.
*If you normally don’t drive is definitely not a good idea to start here.For some reason it seems to be something that is happening(specially with youngsters) and accidents are being reported.

From Phuket

*If you want to know why and how to get to Phuket Click Here.

By Bus:
Buses depart from Phuket Bus Terminal 2(address below) daily about every hour and take around 1:30 to 2:00 hours to complete the journey.
Ask for an air-con bus (it may not be working very well), have in mind that this are very simple buses, but enough for a short ride.
The price for one person is around 80 baht and the bus will stop right at the main street(Nang Thong Beach area).

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

By Boat:
Group and private speed boats can be booked to Khao Lak in travel agencies around Phuket.
As well as boat trips to snorkeling destinations near by such as Similan Islands.

By Taxi:
You can hire a private taxi from Phuket to Khao Lak and the other way around.
Bargaining your price will be a must.
Usually your hotel will be able to find the taxi for you, another option is asking directly to the cab drivers at the street and if they don’t do this route themselves someone will be recommended to you.
This can be arranged at the airport as well.
The price should be between 1200-1800 baht and the journey will take about one hour and a half.
*Is recommended to use a certified taxi.

By Helicopter:
There’s a private company that offers helicopter transfers to Khao Lak (around 2700 usd), 30min duration.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

From Bangkok

By Bus:
VIP 24 seats and 1st Class 32 seats buses depart daily from Mo Chit Bus Terminal(address below).
The trip takes around 12 hours, air-con works well, comfy clean seats, complimentary snack and water bottle, there’s a toilet in the bus and in the middle of the way bus stops for a free meal(VIP bus).
*Khao Lak to Bangkok – Tickets can be purchase in all the tour booths around the city and in some of the hotels.
From Khao Lak to Bangkok prices vary between 1000-1300 baht(bargain needed) for a VIP 24 seats bus with one meal included.
*Flight ticket prices are quite cheap, sometimes even same price as the buses.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

By Flight:
The nearest airport is Phuket international Airport(address below).
Ticket prices are quite cheap, sometimes even same price with buses.
If you flying to Phuket you can check the options on how to finish your trip on “From Phuket” segment above.

From Abroad

Check “By Flight” on “From Bangkok” segment above.

Tip:*The map of the city has changed after the 2004 Tsunami, be sure the map you’re checking out is the new one when planing your trip.
*Convenient destination nearby is Phuket, Click Here to know more.

Excited about Khao Lak?Let us know in the comments below!💜


Phuket Bus Terminal 2 – สถานีขนส่งผู้โดยสารแห่งที่ 2 ภูเก็ต
Address: Ratsada, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket
Address In Thai: ที่อยู่: ตำบล รัษฎา อำเภอเมืองภูเก็ต ภูเก็ต

Mo Chit Bus Terminal – สถานีขนส่งหมอชิต
(Also known as Northern Bus Station or Chatuchak Bus Terminal)
*Not to be confused with Mo Chit BTS skytrain station.
BTS(skytrain): Mo Chit Station – Sukhumvit line, THEN TAKE A TAXI.
Best way to get there from Bangkok is by taxi.

Phuket Airport – ท่าอากาศยานภูเก็ต
*Terminal 1 for international flights, terminal 2 for domestic flights.
*Located 32km from Phuket city center.

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Songkran – Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

The celebration of Thai New Year is called Songkran ( สงกรานต์ ).
It happens in April (always April 13 in Bangkok) but the dates may vary every year following the solar calendar in some parts of the country.
Songkran is a national holiday in Thailand, officially 1 day, but everyone will party non-stop for 3 days.

Throwing water at everyone is a tradition and symbol of purification for the year to come.
This last sentence makes really clear how fun it is spending 3 days water-fighting in an adult playground!
If you don’t want enjoy the party and get wet the only way is staying at home and purchasing a rain coat if you need to go out.
But why would you?Prepare your water gun instead, wash the old out and get filled with positive energy!Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

Last year we started at “Terminal 21” mall had lunch, watched traditional Thai dance and then begin relieving the high temperature with some fresh water!
From Asoke area we took a tuk tuk and play all the way to Silom Road, one of the organized party points in the city where the vibe couldn’t be better.
In Silom everyone were happy playing together in a party for all ages.You could buy water guns, goggles and refill water all around.
A mix of powder and water is also part of the game being applied at the face/hair of anyone passing by, don’t worry it easily wash out with water.Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

Second day we water fight around our neighborhood and at Benjasiri Park, whole families were prepared to the battle as well to party with Thai music and everything.We had plenty of fun during this holiday.❤️Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

At the festival morning is conventional to visit Temples, make offers to the Monks and pay respect to Buddha.
We are super excited about 2016’s Thai new year!We can’t wait!
Do you want to join us for Songkran celebration?Let us know in the comments below! 🎉Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

Tip: Use a waterproof bag/case for equipment, phone, money, etc.


Terminal 21
Address: 88 Sukhumvit, Soi 19, North Klongtoei, Wattana, Bangkok
Address In Thai: ที่อยู่: เลขที่ 88 ซอยสุขุมวิท 19 (วัฒนา) ถนนสุขุมวิท แขวงคลองเตยเหนือ เขตวัฒนา กรุงเทพฯ
Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
BTS(skytrain): Asoke station – Sukhumvit line, exit 1

Silom Road – ถนนสีลม
BTS(skytrain): Sala Daeng station – Silom line
MRT: Silom station – Blue line

Benjasiri Park – สวนเบญจสิริ
Address: Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่: ถนน สุขุมวิท แขวง คลองตัน เขต คลองเตย กรุงเทพมหานคร
Open from 5:00am to 9:00pm.
BTS(skytrain): Phrom Phong station – Sukhumvit line, exit 6

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City Trick: Shanghai Public Transportation Card – 上海公共交通卡

If you live in Shanghai or is staying here for couple of days and will be using subway as you main transportation i highly advise you to buy a Shanghai’s public transportation card.
It’s only 20 rmb that you can get refund before living.
Skipping the ticket lines will save you a lot of time and can make the whole experience more pleasant as well.
In almost any subway station of the city you can buy the card and then fill it with any desired amount of money.
The card can also be used for ferry, bus, long-distance bus, maglev trains, taxis, trucks, car park, expressway, fuel stations and auto repair service.
Metro is one of the best transportation options in Shanghai as you can skip traffic with 14 lines and 364 stations.By route length is the largest in the world and 2nd largest by number of stations making reach any point in the city fast, cheap and easy.

If you have any doubts let me know in the comments and i’ll be happy to help!💛

Tip: I wouldn’t charge the card with much as i lost 2 cards already myself.😝

City Trick: Shanghai Public Transportation Card - 上海公共交通卡 City Trick: Shanghai Public Transportation Card - 上海公共交通卡

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Things To Do In Amazing Phi Phi Islands – Thailand + How To Get There

Phi Phi Islands – หมู่เกาะพีพี
Going to the paradise?Make sure you have all the details on hands to enjoy your trip without any unpleasant surprises!
Here all you need to get there and have fun on your dream trip!

Getting to Phi Phi

There’s no straight flight to Phi Phi so you need to get to one of the nearest cities and then reach the island by ferry boat.
The ferry boats are spacious enough with seats for everyone and air-con.It also counts with a deck for those who want to admire the view or sunbathe.
Another option is hiring a private speedboat that takes around 45 min(from Phuket) for a more tailored private trip.

Bangkok To Phuket

One of the best ways is getting to Phuket and then to Phi Phi.The reason this is my favorite route is that Phuket is such nice place to know as well, so if you have time why not to spend some time here before Koh Phi Phi?!
Click here for all information you need to get to Phuket.

Ferry to Phi Phi

From Phuket:
The easiest way to acquire your ferry tickets to PhiPhi is buying it directly from your hotel, they will have a nice price and will arrange the van service (that’s included on the ticket price) to pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the pier.
Bear in mind that the pier is around 1 hour away from central beach area (Patong/Karon,etc.), plane well to don’t miss your boat.
You can also buy it from tour stalls around the city, but be prepared to bargain as the price is usually higher compared to the hotels.
Boats depart from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

From Koh Lanta:
Koh Lanta’s ferry only works during high season (November-April).
Similar to Phuket method, the best 2 options are buying from your hotel or at tour stalls around the city.
The practical and cheapest way in Lanta is buying from your accommodation as well.Don’t forget to arrange the pickup time from your hotel to the pier.
Only 2 boats depart per day one at 8:00 am and other at 13:00 pm.

From Krabi:
Free hotel pickup is also included at the ferry ticket price in Krabi.
Boats run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Island Divisions + Must See Areas

Phi Phi consists in a group of 6 Islands, the largest one is Phi Phi Don where the boats arrive and where most of the hotels are.This is the place you will probably be staying (exception is sleeping aboard a boat in Maya Bay).
Phi Phi Don has no cars, motorbikes or any kind of inland transportation apart from bicycles.As it is a quite small place everywhere is reachable by walk or by boat.
But is big enough to amuse, that’s for sure.😃

The famous Maya Bay is located in Phi Phi Leh(the second biggest island in the group) where “The Beach” movie was filmed.This is a wonderful spot for snorkeling, diving, chilling at the beach, exploring the untouched island interior and view.A must go while in Phi Phi.
On your way to Maya Bay you can stop by the Viking Cave, for us, a quick look was enough and we moved on to Phi Ley Bay(also in Phi Phi Leh) for some snorkeling.
Another famous snorkeling and diving spot is Loh Samah Bay located in Phi Phi Leh as well.
Koh Bida Nai, Koh Bida Nok are some of the smaller less visited islands of the group, mostly frequented by diver groups due to beautiful fish diversity located south from Phi Phi Leh.

Mosquito Island is situated north from Phi Phi Don and is one of the smaller islands known for great snorkeling.
Nearby Mosquito Island stands Bamboo Island where again chilling at a desert beach and snorkeling are the highlights.
Everywhere you’re going to find crystal clear water and mostly white sand, one of the main reasons the love story begins with this beautiful islands.

Arriving on Phi Phi + Hotel

Did you book accommodation ahead?If yes, be sure to let your hotel know what time you are arriving and they will pick you up at the pier, show you the way and help you out with your luggage.
If not, at the arriving pier you will find a lot of hotel options, be sure to ask prices before following them to the place.
If you don’t like any, you can go around and find a place yourself, but this will take you sometime I advise you to save your time to enjoy the site.Phi Phi is not an expensive place to stay and 100 baths may not be worth losing few hours, especially if you got heavy luggage.
If you want to book a hotel in advance I recommend to do so, they are the booking website with bigger variety in Thailand, is the one I mostly use.

Things To Do In Phi Phi

If you didn’t bring your gear, you can find some on the island.However, if snorkeling is the main interest you have, bringing some professional equipment is advised.
All over the islands, you have sites to explore, just walking into the sea or taking a long tail boat around.
There’s a lot of snorkeling trip offers, but this can be not as fun due to crowded boats, schedule, etc.
The best option is renting a long tail boat privately, the prices are reasonable and you get the best from your tour. If you really enjoy a place you can choose to stay more in it; if not you can just move on, choosing your own time is also great to avoid meeting crowded tourist boats and finally been picked at your hotel(if you staying seafront).

Amazing Phi Phi Islands, ThailandAmazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Muay Thai:
We had dinner once and came back for some drinks in another night at “Reggae Bar” a bar and restaurant with a Muay Thai ring right in the middle.
Customer fights are arranged with all equipment provided and local kids fight as well.Is just some fun demonstration of Thai boxing that proved entertaining for us.
They have a burger eating challenge, both of times we’ve been there someone was trying to win it, and that just added to the play atmosphere.

Amazing Phi Phi Islands, ThailandAmazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Beach Party:
If you’re a party animal you don’t need my tips, just enjoy it!
But even if you are not much into nightlife Phi Phi has this huge party scene starting in quite early time.
After your perfect day at the beach spending few hours listening to some music, watching fire acrobatics, and maybe even dancing a little bit won’t hurt once in a while.
Everything looking to the waves.🎉

Amazing Phi Phi Islands, ThailandAmazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

View Point:
Breathtaking view awaits you if you’re willing to leave your beach chair.=p
Choosing the right time to climb up is important because burning noon sun is not something you want when going up the oblique path.
The view definitely worth the walk.Enjoy it!

Amazing Phi Phi Islands, ThailandAmazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Kayaking to Monkey Beach:
Don’t want to the kayaking part?That’s fine you can rent a long tail boat to get you there.
We did it the sporty way and noticed the kayak parking at Monkey Beach I could see many others did it too.
But I have to say it was harder than I imagined and thanks God hubby was there to help, two of myself wouldn’t get there.
How beautiful is it to appreciate animals in their natural environment?!A big monkey family came to say hi to all of us!
This may sound cliché but please remember wild animal shouldn’t eat artificial snacks, unless you offering water or fruits you better just appreciated they appearance.
Also, monkeys can be aggressive and the right thing is to avoid any contact and just look from a safe distance.
No one lives in this stretch of sand, please do not leave your trash there, let’s keep it the paradise it is.

Amazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand Amazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Souvenirs, clothing and craft stalls and stores can be found everywhere in Phi Phi Don.
“I Love Phi Phi” shirts are a souvenir I recommend as in the future every time you wear it the memories come back.🌅
Nice to do on the evening or night after enjoying the day activities.

Amazing Phi Phi Islands,

Plenty of Padi courses and diving trips signs were distributed around the main island with multilingual instructors offered.
We personally choose not to take the course in Phi Phi as it would take time and we wanted to enjoy all aspects of the island, but I’m sure it would be a beautiful spot to do so.
If you’re a diving lover or want to get your Padi, Phi Phi has fair amount of company options with world-class diving sites.

Amazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Thai Food at Sea View Restaurants:
Oh, the food! As I mentioned before, Thai food is part of the experience.
Try out a new dish every day and prepare to miss them when you get back home.
And for some ambience, a nice choice of restaurant facing the sea will surely do.🏖

Amazing Phi Phi Islands, ThailandAmazing Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Tips: *If you are staying at a seafront hotel you absolutely must bring earplugs if you’re hoping to sleep.At night most of the restaurants turn into a beach party and the sound echoes into the bay.The pros are waking up with wave sounds and having your breakfast with your feet in the sand.
*Phi Phi is a very small Island that in many times of the year is crowded. When walking in one of the tinny streets if a baggage/goods carrier boy seems impatient or get your way, be gentle and remember that is holidays for you but its hard-working for them in a jammed place all day long that sure can be very stressing.Remember to always look from another perspective and I’m sure you gonna enjoy your trip even more.😉
That being said, Thai people are extremely friendly, respectful and good-hearted so make sure to reciprocate their treatment.❤

Ps: The websites and air company recommendations are made by personal experience and I don’t get any kind of remuneration for that.

Is Phi Phi on your bucket list yet?Share with us in the comments below!


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Shanghai Awesome Tai Chi Fight – China

Diego’s university, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, was having a free tai chi workshop and we went there to try and understand more about this Chinese martial art.
At first Master Pu Jia Qi explain us about the history of Tai Chi and then the 6 divisions inside the art.With the time tai chi was modified and its more modern versions are mostly originated from Chen Village a historical village created by a martial art teacher.
T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Tàijíquán) means “the ultimate fist” and is a mix of health, martial art and meditation.
Then we focused on Zhaobao style, the one that Pu is a specialist.
This style involves self-defense technic using the opponent power against himself, redirecting his energy(his Qì). Qì (Ch’i) means “life energy”.
For that reason you don’t need strength neither they have age limits, because you will use your enemy force not your own.
Master Qi showed us different techniques and then paired us to try them out.
I have to admit i lack coordination in general, so is a really good thing to learn self-defense but challenging as well.😜
Hubby in the other hand had many previews experiences with couple of martial arts and got everything easy.
Since my first time in China Tai Chi always hold my attention and made me desire to participate.Finally learning more about it was truly nice.

Master Pu Jia Qi has an academy in Shanghai:

Address: 404 Wanping South Road, Building 1, 1st floor, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Address in Chinese: 地址:上海徐汇区宛平南路404号1号楼一楼
Subway station: Dong’An Road station – line 4, exit 2 or Shanghai Stadium Station – line 4, exit 3

Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Willing to try Tai Chi?Let us know in the comments below!❤️

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Best of Loy Krathong Day 2- Bangkok, Thailand

The “Festival of Lights” had many attractions to be seen around the city, it was difficult to choose between such nice options but certainly no wrong choice could be made as everywhere we stepped was plenty of wonders.
With Brahmanical roots, the festival has been adapted to Thai Buddhism. Click here to know more about Loy Krathong meaning and symbolism.
At day 2 we again took the free River Festival shuttle boat and visited Tha Maharaja and Wat Arun.

Tha Maharaj – ท่ามหาราช

Our first stop had a modern approach to the festival.
Located in a riverfront mall with special decoration, food and craft stalls, all fresco cinema and even a special song made to the river.

Address: 1/11 Trok Mahathat, Maharaj Road, Phranakorn District, Bangkok 10200
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่: 1/11 ตรอกมหาธาตุ ถนนมหาราช เขตพระนคร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10200
BTS(skytrain): Saphan Taksin BTS Station – Silom line, exit 2( then take a boat at Sathorn Pier or a taxi)
Sathorn Pier(Central Pier) – ท่าเรือสาทร
Tip: Tha Maharaj official website:


Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) – วัดอรุณราชวรารามราชวรมหาวิหาร

At Wat Arun Buddhist temple everyone was invited to help handicraft Buddha statues made few distinct ways, was a truly amazing experience everyone was glowing happy and the helpers couldn’t be more kind!
There we enjoyed stunning traditional Thai dance and music presentations, huge food fair, flower shaped candles for special offering in the water due to Loy Krathong and also an alfresco cinema.
Unfortunately the temple was under renovation that makes it a little harder to appreciate by recorded images, but still was laying Beautifully over our view and made its energy be felt for sure.

Address: Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahaviharn(Temple of Dawn), 158 Wang Doem Rd, Talat Noi, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok 10600
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่:วัดอรุณราชวรารามราชวรมหาวิหาร, 158 ถนน วังเดิม แขวง ตลาดน้อย เขต บางกอกใหญ่ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10600
BTS(skytrain): Saphan Taksin BTS Station – Silom line, exit 2( then take a boat at Sathorn Pier )
Sathorn Pier(Central Pier) – ท่าเรือสาทร

Everything was special, we can’t wait to show you day 3!
How do you find Loy Krathong?We are excited to hear from you!Share with us in the comments below!💙

Best of Loy Krathong day 2- Bangkok, Thailand

Best of Loy Krathong day 2- Bangkok, Thailand

Best of Loy Krathong day 2- Bangkok, Thailand

Best of Loy Krathong day 2- Bangkok, Thailand

Best of Loy Krathong day 2- Bangkok, Thailand

Best of Loy Krathong day 2- Bangkok, Thailand


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Jade Buddha Temple – 玉佛寺 in Shanghai, China

Built originally in 1882 to place 2 Buddha statues from Burma this Buddhist temple is one of Shanghai’s must see.
The big stars of the place can’t be recorded or taken pictures of so still some mystery to see for yourself.
The central location just makes it easy to feet at you schedule even if you’re not staying long.
Mine and Diego’s favorite part was inside the Grand Hall (main hall located in the center) with so many details that your eyes get filled with delight.
Around you can find religious related stores with statues, candles, chanting books, souvenirs and more.
Open from 8:30am to 5:00pm, admission fee 20 yuan.

Address: 170 Anyuan Road, Jing’an, Shanghai, China
Address In Chinese: 地址: 中国上海市静安区安远路170号
Subway station: Changshou Road Station – line 7, exit 5

Tip: You can buy incense at the store within the temple (just turn left from the main entrance) and give thanks for your beautiful trip!

What was your favorite part?Share with us in the comments below!❤️







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Shanghai And Bangkok Airports + Our Flight Sneak Peek

Here you can find all the information you need about Shanghai and Bangkok airports:

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport -上海虹桥国际机场 in Shanghai, China

Shanghai has 2 airports, this is the smaller one and nearest to the city center.
Most of the domestic flights are concentrated here but they have some international flights too.

Address: 2550 Hongqiao Road, Changning, Shanghai, China
Address in Chinese: 地址:上海市长宁区虹桥路2550号
Subway station: Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 – line 2 and 10 / Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 – line 10

Tip: Official Hongqiao Airport authority website:


Shanghai Pudong International Airport -上海浦东国际机场 in Shanghai, China

The main international airport in Shanghai is quite far from city center so make sure to leave in time to catch your flight.

Address: S1 Yingbin Expy, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Address In Chinese: 地址: 中国上海市浦东新区S1迎宾高速
Subway station: Pudong Airport – line 2
Maglev: Between Pudong Airport and Longyang Road Subway Station runs a maglev train on the schedule:
Pudong Airport-Longyang Road 7:02-21:42 / Longyang Road-Pudong Airport 6:45-21:40
Bus: There are 8 special airport bus lines that are quite convenient if you don’t carry much luggage you can check schedule and bus stops at the official airport website:

Tip: Official Pudong Airport authority website:


Don Mueang International Airport – ท่าอากาศยานดอนเมือง in Bangkok, Thailand

Asia’s oldest operating airport uses terminal 2 for domestic flights and terminal 1 for international flights.

Address: 222 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Sanambin, Don Mueang, Bangkok
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่: 222 ถนน วิภาวดีรังสิต แขวง สนามบิน เขต ดอนเมือง กรุงเทพมหานคร
Bus: For bus schedule, you can check the official airport website:
Train service: Hua Lamphong train station is connected with Don Mueang Airport, for more information about trains you can check the official website of State Railway of Thailand:

Tip: Don Mueang Airport official website:


Suvarnabhumi Airport – ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ In Bangkok, Thailand

The beautiful Suvarnabhumi is Bangkok newest airport and the busiest in the city.

Address: 999 Moo 1 Nong Prue, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, Thailand
Address In Thai: ที่อยู่: 999 หมู่ 1 ตำบล หนองปรือ อำเภอ บางพลี สมุทรปราการ
Airport Rail Link: Hours of service: 06:00 – 24:00 Interchange stations: Phaya Thai (changing for BTS green line) / Makkasan (linking Phetchaburi Station of MRT blue line)
Airport Transfer: Free bus service runs from 5:00 – 24:00 between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport, for timetable check airport official website:
Bus: Hours of service: BMTA: 4:00 – 24:00 (depending on bus number) and Bor Khor Sor: 5:40 – 21:00. For bus schedule check official airport website:
Public Van: There are 8 van routes available. For schedule check airport official website:

Tip: Suvarnabhumi Airport official website:

Have you been to any of these airports?What was your impression of them?Share with us in the comments below!💜

Bye Sh Hello Bkk


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Xintiandi – 新天地 in Shanghai, China

Is time to eat at the city that never sleeps and Xintiandi is here to satisfy you!
A mix of mid-19th century Shikumen and modern architecture assure the great atmosphere combined with the wide selection of world cuisines that will match perfectly your tour.
From breakfast to dinner you can find excellent options while you appreciate the site history.

Some of our favorite restaurants are “Sproutworks” for a quick healthy meal, “Marzano” and “Bottega Mozzarella Bar” are great Italian options.
In the alleys you will find craft,clothe and book stores and often art expositions are held as well.
Xintiandi is a place where fashion,food and art meets; make sure to check it out.

Tip: If you want some groceries there is a nice supermarket “GL Plaza” going underground in the corner near by(address below).


Xintiandi – 新天地
Address: 123 Xingye Road,Huangpu, Shanghai, China
Address In Chinese: 地址: 上海新天地 兴业路123弄
Subway station: Xintiandi Station – line 10, exit 6 or South Huangpi Road Station – line 1, exit 3

GL Plaza Supermarket – 全洲超市
Address: B1, No.1-6, Lane 222, Madang Road, Shanghai
Address in Chinese: 地址: 上海市馬当路222弄1-6号地下1层102单元
Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
Subway station: Xintiandi Station – line 10, exit 6 or South Huangpi Road Station – line 1, exit 3

Have you been to Xintiandi?What is your favorite restaurant there?Let us know in the comments below!💛








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From West Nanjing Road – 南京西路 to The Bund – 外滩 in Shanghai,China

From West Nanjing Road passing People Square arriving at East Nanjing Road and finally The Bund you’ll be involved in what the city is all about and will get a taste of it!
West Nanjing Road is a commercial street with plenty of stores and restaurants that are very popular among the locals and visitors too.From here you can have a walk appreciating the city architecture and spot People Square in the way towards the famous riverfront.
The Bund is a traditional place that you can’t leave without a visit.
The famous city line is a mix of waterfront colonial buildings and the view of modern skyscrapers that guarantee the authentic Shanghainese feeling.

Tip: If possible avoid national holidays and Sundays as the place will be really crowded.
There is some reports about tourists being scammed at this area, although Shanghai is a really safe city minor distress can be avoided keeping an eye at your personal belongings and not engaging in activities proposed by strangers such as visiting tea houses(is a great idea to visit a tea house but do it by yourself or with friends).

The Bund: Zhongshan East 1st Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai
Address in Chinese: 地址:上海市黄浦区中山东一路 1号
Subway station: East Nanjing Road – line 2 and 10, exit 2 or 3 (10 min. walk)
West Nanjing Road: West Nanjing Road
Address in Chinese: 地址: 南京西路
Subway Station: West Nanjing Road – line 2, exit 2





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