Kamala Beach – Phuket – Thailand

Sleep deprived yet bubbling energy for everything around.
Stunning Thailand deserves every drop of awakens we can get.😉

Here all addresses and extra info from everything you saw on the video:

Don Mueang International Airport – ท่าอากาศยานดอนเมือง
Address: 222 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Sanambin, Don Mueang, Bangkok
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่: 222 ถนน วิภาวดีรังสิต แขวง สนามบิน เขต ดอนเมือง กรุงเทพมหานคร
Bus: For the bus schedule, you can check the official airport website: http://donmueangairportthai.com/en/381-public-transport
Train service: Hua Lamphong train station is connected with Don Mueang Airport, for more information about trains you can check the official website of State Railway of Thailand: www.railway.co.th
Official website: http://donmueangairportthai.com

Kamala Beach - Phuket - Thailand

Asia’s oldest operating airport uses terminal 2 for domestic flights and terminal 1 for international flights.

Kamala Beach – หาดกมลา
GPS: 7.956761,98.283019

On our first and second time in Phuket we stay around Kata and Karon area, this time we wanted to explore a new area.
We chose Kamala due to its fame of an area preferred by locals, we had a short yet sweet stay in the busy beach.
In order to better explore Phuket, we suggest renting a motorbike or car to visit neighbor beaches, the views in between them and the uniqueness they bring are a must.


How To Get To Phuket

We have a step-by-step explanation including diverse transportation on how to get to Phuket from our first time there.
Click here to see it.


This time we had a short stay in beautiful Phuket but there’s more sun, sand, and sea coming up soon! Stay tuned!

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Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand – Part 3

The last part of our adventure is loaded with paradisiacal beaches and breath-taking landscapes.🏝
Also known as Koh Kut, the island make to the top 5 on our recommendations while visiting Thailand.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 3
Snorkeling at Bang Bao Bay

For all information you need about Koh Kood check our previous posts at the links below:

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Part 2

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Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 3
Thai Massage facing the sea

Getting To Koh Kood

To see our post on how to get there, click here.

For us, there’s nothing in the world like being at a pristine beach.It’s the ultimate experience, one we definitely look for.
What about you, do you agree with our vision?Share with us at the comments below!💜

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Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand – Part 2

Our journey continue on this beautiful island located at the Gulf of Thailand.
With quiet and peaceful atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination for those looking for relaxation.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2

Click here to see Part 1.

Best Beaches

There’s plenty of beautiful stretches of sand to explore.
Every single one of them has a beautiful touch, all worth the visit.
Some of them sure will make the top of the list. It will depend as well on your personal taste and activities you search for.Here are some of our favorites:

Bang Bao Bay – The first view is a small patch of fine white sand followed by heaven’s swimming pool.
Great for swimming and with fair snorkeling, a must see.
There’s a path to a second part of Bang Bao near The Beach Natural Resort, where you’ll find another small bay with rockery and a pier. Again, lovely setting and good for chilling, snorkeling and swimming.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1
Bang Bao Bay

Ngamkho – With clear water bathing very high palm trees, drawing the perfect landscape.
There’s not much sand space at some parts due the palm trees positioning, but it has a special charm being distinct in the good way.
Snorkeling gets better near by the rocks at deeper depths, great for swimming as well.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2

Klong Chao – One of the most popular choices due to central location, exhibiting alluring white sand and turquoise water.
A variety of hotels and restaurants are available at a nice sized beach.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Klong Chao Beach

Ao Phrao Beach – The day we visited Ao Phrao the sea was a little wavy, not the best for snorkeling, so we just chilled at the sands.
The beach is quite long and as in the other bays, the landscape is pretty indeed.

Ao Takean – Gorgeous long beach with great swimming and snorkeling for the island standards.The sea was just a little wavy the day we visited, but is usually calm.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Fish at Ao Takean

Ao Tapao – Long beach with pleasant views, swimming and snorkeling.
We did some seafront yoga just absorbing the energy of the place, Koh Kood is hard to choose, it’s enchanting everywhere.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Ao Tapao

Few months before our trip, I came to Koh Kood on a day trip to work.We shot in an immaculate stretch of sand, unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the exactly location.
At this turn, after stopping by many bay’s I notice that we didn’t visit the one I worked at.
It means, fortunately, that still you can find more and more deserted marvelous beaches apart from the ones cited above.🏝

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2


🏍Motorbike – To explore the island, we rented a motorbike (250 baht/day).This is highly recommended but only for experienced drivers.

🚕Taxi – Taxis are actually seats arranged at the back of a truck, the same style the boat companies use to carry you to your hotel when you first arrive at the island.
When discovering around it can get pricey, but is the only option for families or those who can’t drive a scooter.

🚶Walk – If you intend to visit different bays, most of them are quite far apart, walk is not recommended (unless you actually wish to trek or exercise).

Where To Stay/ What to Eat/ What To Do/ Tips

To check all extra information you need about Koh Kood click here to see Part 1.

How To Get There

Click here to check our post about how to get to Koh Kood.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Klong Chao Waterfall

Felling the beach vibe?Share with us at the comments below!❤️

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Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand – Part 1

Seducing crystal clear water and gorgeous white sand on a pristine paradise island.
Let’s be honest, what else would you need?

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1

How To Get There

Click here to check our post about how to get to Koh Kood.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1
Bang Bao Bay

Not Big For Party Fans

If your goal is to party every night, this is definitely not a good choice.
Having a drink looking at the sea is sure possible, but nothing even near to a party is available around.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1

Secluded Feeling

If a paradisiacal island, unspoiled, with peace and quiet is your goal: Bingo!
With the great balance of having enough hotel and restaurant options and even massage and small shops.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1

What To Do

Waterfalls – There are 3 well-known waterfalls that are the most visited but if you are an explorer you may find a new one yourself.😉
We’ve been to the main Klong Chao Waterfall. I felt like my soul was being washed when I seated under the falling, refreshing water.
There’s great energy in that place, take the opportunity to refill your batteries.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1

Mangroves – To complete the exotic atmosphere, the island is doted with imposing mangroves.If you don’t have extra time to tour them specifically, just keep an eye on your way between bays and you probably will peek at mother nature art.

Kayaking – Usually restricted to the sea, here you have the option of kayaking as well through the river near by the mangroves until a waterfall.🐒

Snorkeling – If compared to famous snorkeling spots, Koh Kood won’t make to the top, mostly due sandy bottom.
The water is a crystal clear lagoon, but as there’s no big reefs the biodiversity is quite low compared to other Thai destinations.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1

Diving – From taking your Padi to advanced dives, all available for a good price compared to other countries.There’s a few companies at the island, giving you a bit of flexibility at your choice.

Chilling – Is relaxation your thing?Ok, no problem! Find a comfy spot at the empty sand and fill your eyes(and spirit!) with joy.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1

Treepod Dining With Zipline Waitress – Treepod restaurant at Soneva Kiri Resort counts with picturesque setting, even the way you food is served is surprising.
But this treat is not to everyone due to the high price (around 400 usd per person).

Massage – One thing we learned is, unlike other Thai islands, here if you don’t schedule a massage you may see yourself waiting in the line or having to leave it to the other day. It’s probably not an issue at low season.

Trekking – The island is developing quickly, but still there’s a lot of unexplored places.If you’re a trek lover you’ll delight yourself with the diversity that can be found around.

Ancient Makka Trees – Ancient trees are all around untouched Koh Kood rainforest, but some of them are at the spotlight because age and size.
There’s signs at the main road leading to their location, a nice site to connect with the island.

What To Eat

As if you aren’t already lucky enough, not only the island shines but also the delicious Thai food.
Take advantage on each meal to try out exotic, flavorful dishes.
Some of our favorites are Green/Red/Massaman Curry, Vegetable Pad Thai(fried rice noodle) and Veggie Tom Yam (spice soup).
A fresh young coconut to drink and sticky rice with mango for dessert, is a must at least once!😋
Also along the roads you’ll find yummy cashew, banana, mango and more produced at the island.It’s definitely worth a try.

Where To Stay

As the place is yet not target by mass tourism, finding accommodation can be a little harder.
Conventional hotel booking websites won’t have much options as they do for other destinations in Thailand.


There’s one website where you can check most of the available hotels there plus some more info about the island:
(Disclaimer:Be aware that this is a third part website and we do not hold responsibility for any sale or claim they may do, neither we get any kind of commission)

Personally, after checking the website above, we selected our hotel and found their phone number in google.
Then we just called and booked by ourselves.Everything worked out just fine, we had a great stay.🌴

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1
This is the kind of place i like to add (and check off) my bucket list.What about you?Are you a hidden scape kind of person?Share with us at the comments below!💚

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Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

Khao Lak – เขาหลัก
is a departure point for some of the coolest snorkeling and diving spots in Thailand as well as some scenic tour destinations like James Bond Island.
Located in Phang Nga province this is a great family destination likewise for couples or anyone looking for more quiet, relaxing vibe.
Home of many high-end resorts Khao Lak has more of a sophisticated touch then most of Thai destinies that usually thrive on the laid back atmosphere.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

For me was all about chilling at the beach all day long, having something to eat looking at the sea and watching the sunset with some Thai massage.Then the night would be the gourmet moment followed by some souvenir shopping at the cozy beach stores all around the main street.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get ThereBeach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

For such small place i was surprised with the great supermarket and the variety of restaurants you could find around.
Something easy peasy to encounter was the tour booths distributed all over the city where you could buy multiple tour options from snorkeling to hikes, during from one afternoon to tree days long.
We’ve done the Monkey Temple + Panyee Village + James Bond Island Tour and the Similan Islands snorkeling tour.We loved the experience and highly recommend.

Beaches + Where To Stay

We visited 3 beaches while our stay: Amphoe Takua Pa, Nang Thong Beach, Pakweeb Beach (White Sand Beach).They were distinct from each other and we recommend looking them up.
Our hotel was located at Nang Thong Beach, nice area to stay with multiple restaurant choices, stores, the city center, etc.
If you want a more secluded place then White Sand Beach is a good call.

Tip: We advise to book accommodation ahead if you’re visiting Khao Lak in the high season peak (November-February).

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There


Onboard of our motorbike we drove 7km along the rubber trees listening the melodic nature sounds al the way to Tonchongfa Waterfall.
When the entrance is reached you have to park your vehicle there and proceed by walk for another 1km.The final part of the walk is a little complicated, not advised for people with mobility problems.
Tonchongfa was quiet and beautiful with enough place to swim and friendly garra rufa fishes(massage fishes) that help you renovate your skin.🐟
There’s few other waterfalls to be explored such as Lampi Waterfall(easy access), Pakweep Waterfall(easy access) and Ton Prai Waterfall.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There


To better explore the area we decided to rent a motorbike during our stay(around 300-350 baht a day at the high season, if renting for multiple days discount is applied).Cars were also available for rent.
If you know how to drive that’s a great way to get to know around and don’t get sucked at the beach you’re staying, otherwise you can take a taxi or tuk tuk.
*If you normally don’t drive is definitely not a good idea to start here.For some reason it seems to be something that is happening(specially with youngsters) and accidents are being reported.

From Phuket

*If you want to know why and how to get to Phuket Click Here.

By Bus:
Buses depart from Phuket Bus Terminal 2(address below) daily about every hour and take around 1:30 to 2:00 hours to complete the journey.
Ask for an air-con bus (it may not be working very well), have in mind that this are very simple buses, but enough for a short ride.
The price for one person is around 80 baht and the bus will stop right at the main street(Nang Thong Beach area).

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

By Boat:
Group and private speed boats can be booked to Khao Lak in travel agencies around Phuket.
As well as boat trips to snorkeling destinations near by such as Similan Islands.

By Taxi:
You can hire a private taxi from Phuket to Khao Lak and the other way around.
Bargaining your price will be a must.
Usually your hotel will be able to find the taxi for you, another option is asking directly to the cab drivers at the street and if they don’t do this route themselves someone will be recommended to you.
This can be arranged at the airport as well.
The price should be between 1200-1800 baht and the journey will take about one hour and a half.
*Is recommended to use a certified taxi.

By Helicopter:
There’s a private company that offers helicopter transfers to Khao Lak (around 2700 usd), 30min duration.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

From Bangkok

By Bus:
VIP 24 seats and 1st Class 32 seats buses depart daily from Mo Chit Bus Terminal(address below).
The trip takes around 12 hours, air-con works well, comfy clean seats, complimentary snack and water bottle, there’s a toilet in the bus and in the middle of the way bus stops for a free meal(VIP bus).
*Khao Lak to Bangkok – Tickets can be purchase in all the tour booths around the city and in some of the hotels.
From Khao Lak to Bangkok prices vary between 1000-1300 baht(bargain needed) for a VIP 24 seats bus with one meal included.
*Flight ticket prices are quite cheap, sometimes even same price as the buses.

Beach Time! Khao Lak, Thailand + How To Get There

By Flight:
The nearest airport is Phuket international Airport(address below).
Ticket prices are quite cheap, sometimes even same price with buses.
If you flying to Phuket you can check the options on how to finish your trip on “From Phuket” segment above.

From Abroad

Check “By Flight” on “From Bangkok” segment above.

Tip:*The map of the city has changed after the 2004 Tsunami, be sure the map you’re checking out is the new one when planing your trip.
*Convenient destination nearby is Phuket, Click Here to know more.

Excited about Khao Lak?Let us know in the comments below!💜


Phuket Bus Terminal 2 – สถานีขนส่งผู้โดยสารแห่งที่ 2 ภูเก็ต
Address: Ratsada, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket
Address In Thai: ที่อยู่: ตำบล รัษฎา อำเภอเมืองภูเก็ต ภูเก็ต

Mo Chit Bus Terminal – สถานีขนส่งหมอชิต
(Also known as Northern Bus Station or Chatuchak Bus Terminal)
*Not to be confused with Mo Chit BTS skytrain station.
BTS(skytrain): Mo Chit Station – Sukhumvit line, THEN TAKE A TAXI.
Best way to get there from Bangkok is by taxi.

Phuket Airport – ท่าอากาศยานภูเก็ต
Website: http://phuketairportthai.com/en
*Terminal 1 for international flights, terminal 2 for domestic flights.
*Located 32km from Phuket city center.

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Songkran – Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

The celebration of Thai New Year is called Songkran ( สงกรานต์ ).
It happens in April (always April 13 in Bangkok) but the dates may vary every year following the solar calendar in some parts of the country.
Songkran is a national holiday in Thailand, officially 1 day, but everyone will party non-stop for 3 days.

Throwing water at everyone is a tradition and symbol of purification for the year to come.
This last sentence makes really clear how fun it is spending 3 days water-fighting in an adult playground!
If you don’t want enjoy the party and get wet the only way is staying at home and purchasing a rain coat if you need to go out.
But why would you?Prepare your water gun instead, wash the old out and get filled with positive energy!Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

Last year we started at “Terminal 21” mall had lunch, watched traditional Thai dance and then begin relieving the high temperature with some fresh water!
From Asoke area we took a tuk tuk and play all the way to Silom Road, one of the organized party points in the city where the vibe couldn’t be better.
In Silom everyone were happy playing together in a party for all ages.You could buy water guns, goggles and refill water all around.
A mix of powder and water is also part of the game being applied at the face/hair of anyone passing by, don’t worry it easily wash out with water.Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

Second day we water fight around our neighborhood and at Benjasiri Park, whole families were prepared to the battle as well to party with Thai music and everything.We had plenty of fun during this holiday.❤️Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

At the festival morning is conventional to visit Temples, make offers to the Monks and pay respect to Buddha.
We are super excited about 2016’s Thai new year!We can’t wait!
Do you want to join us for Songkran celebration?Let us know in the comments below! 🎉Songkran - Thai New Year Water Battle, Thailand

Tip: Use a waterproof bag/case for equipment, phone, money, etc.


Terminal 21
Address: 88 Sukhumvit, Soi 19, North Klongtoei, Wattana, Bangkok
Address In Thai: ที่อยู่: เลขที่ 88 ซอยสุขุมวิท 19 (วัฒนา) ถนนสุขุมวิท แขวงคลองเตยเหนือ เขตวัฒนา กรุงเทพฯ
Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
Website: www.terminal21.co.th/
BTS(skytrain): Asoke station – Sukhumvit line, exit 1

Silom Road – ถนนสีลม
BTS(skytrain): Sala Daeng station – Silom line
MRT: Silom station – Blue line

Benjasiri Park – สวนเบญจสิริ
Address: Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่: ถนน สุขุมวิท แขวง คลองตัน เขต คลองเตย กรุงเทพมหานคร
Open from 5:00am to 9:00pm.
BTS(skytrain): Phrom Phong station – Sukhumvit line, exit 6

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Meditation Center + Boat Ride – Bangkok, Thailand

When you look outside you will see the beautiful energy of Thailand. Then is time to contemplate inside and get in touch with the supreme energy within!
The International Meditation Center located in Wat Mahathat offered free meditation classes in English for anyone who wanted to join for years, but unfortunately, they ended this group in November 2015.

Classes were held in section 5 of the Buddhist Temple, a small space that when I entered blind me with light!There was this energy in the air so peaceful and with all those souls connected by the power of will, that you could feel it so strong that blur your vision with an ethereal light.
We had the honor to be guided by monk Phra Maha Wattana, that with his simplicity and pure heart made his presence be felt, his words of wisdom helped us through our journey.
We couldn’t have a greater teacher.😃

Our wish was to indicate this class for you, unfortunately, they’re not available anymore, but at their Facebook page(link below) they indicated some other groups in Thailand with similar techniques.
Anyway, you can visit Wat Mahathat and join the morning or evening chanting at the Temple every day, it’s done in Thai but the energy is multilingual.

Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit – วัดมหาธาตุยุวราชรังสฤษฎิ์
Address: 3 Thanon Maharat, Na Luk, Bangkok
Address In Thai: เลขที่ 3 วัดมหาธาตุยุวราชรังสฤษฎิ์ แขวงพระบรมมหาราชวัง เขตพระนคร กรุงเทพมหานคร
Website (Thai): www.watmahathat.com
Section 5 Meditation Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/meditationsection5/

Meditation Center + Boat Ride - Bangkok, Thailand

Meditation Center + Boat Ride - Bangkok, Thailand

Meditation Center + Boat Ride - Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Mahathat - Bangkok, Thailand

Meditation Center + Boat Ride - Bangkok, Thailand

Meditation Center + Boat Ride - Bangkok, Thailand


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