Canon M50 MarkII Expectations


What’s up My Destiny Tribe!
On this video, I share with you my expectations about a new Canon M50 Mark II coming up to the market.
What do we hope Canon is going to add in this new camera?
Share your thoughts in the comments below 📷

Canon EF-S 17-55mm F2.8 IS:

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Canon Rp Stabilization Test – Cinestyle

Canon EOS Rp, the camera hated by the internet but actually it can do much more than the specs!
I should say at first here, that I’m impressed with the image stabilization out of this camera, which is not Ibis, it’s Digital Stabilization but It’s great.
We have many more videos about the Rp to come in the following days so if you are into this camera like I am, subscribe to our Youtube channel and stay tuned.

Cinestyle website-

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The BEST vlogging and TOP selling camera of 2019! Here is WHY!

What’s up, guys?

It’s 2019 and as we’ve been using this camera almost every day, we vlog or go out to register our pregnancy with beautiful pictures,
I decided to make a video telling you WHY you should purchase the Canon M50.
The first thing that comes to mind is how much you get for a 500 dollars camera.
How easy is this camera to use? You pretty much turn on, flip the screen (and it’s articulated!), press a record button with the kit lens, which we use all the time and you are good to go.
Off course you can refine your kit with some accessories but I can guarantee to you that you’ll get beautiful shots with this tiny MONSTER.
I’m not entirely sure on what Canon is planning, as many cameras have been released to compete with the M50 but costing 1K is not the case.
My opinion, is that a camera costing 1K is not targeted for the same public as the one costing half of it, the person going out with 500 dollars to purchase a camera won’t be looking into a 1k camera (I’m talking about the Sony a6400 which doesn’t have fully articulated screen and believe it’s necessary).

The camera:

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Canon M50 Vs Canon RP Epic Battle! 📷

Canon EOS RP:
Canon M50:

We recently purchased the new Canon EOS RP as a pro camera to shoot weddings, fashion shoots and portraits in our studio.
While we consider the EOS RP a better camera, we thought it would be a nice video comparing it to the M50 as we consider the M50 to be the best cost-benefit camera for beginners and vloggers. The RP would be the best cost-benefit camera for professional photographers.

I do think the RP is better and it should be but the M50 is capable of amazing shots as well. With that being said, you can judge by your needs and pocket which is the right camera for you.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!❤️

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Canon EOS RP Photoshoot Behind The Scenes Autofocus Test

Today we are testing the autofocus of the cheapest, smallest and yet amazing Canon EOS RP.

Canon EOS RP:

Share your thoughts about the new camera with us in the comments below!

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Canon EOS RP – An Underrated Camera

The Canon EOS RP came to the market and the first thought people had was that it would be a great all around camera. Yes, it is! But Canon did make some strange choices to the camera functions making the public a bit mad about it.
Still, this camera delivers great performance and features for its price point and here I tell you why.

Canon EOS RP link:

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Speed Ramp Like A Boss – Shoot And Edit – Tech Time

Today we come with a Tech Time episode where Destiny Boy will share on how to Speed Ramp.
If any doubts come to mind let us know in the comments below, we’ll be there with you.



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Is It Worth To Use The Kit Lens? Shot With Canon M50 in 4K

Imagine you just bought a Canon M series camera or you’ve been thinking about purchasing one. The next thought is on investing more money and deciding which lens to buy because people say all the time that kit lenses aren’t useful. Are they really?
As vloggers/filmmakers, we are traveling and visiting new places all the time and we use the kit lens a lot, that’s why we decided to make this video for you.

Is It Worth To Use The Kit Lens? Shot With Canon M50 in 4K

The kit lens 15-45 f3.5-63 has fast and quiet autofocus, is lightweight, a smooth manual focus ring, and can focus from a very close distance.
As the lenses are small, it’s easy to carry them around making it more likely to be unnoticeable by the crowds.
The center of the lens is very sharp with hard vignetting on the corners. When I’m recording a video or taking pictures, I keep that in mind to don’t let the subject fall much to the corners of the frame. Still, I can apply the rule of thirds to the shot and correct the vignetting during post-processing.

My best advice is to use the kit lens to shoot at its wide end angle of 15mm and aperture of F3.5. Try to place a foreground subject and thus get a blurred background, giving more depth to your shots and taking advantage out of the image quality at 15mm.
Avoid using the end zoom of the lens which tends to lose image quality and get darker shots at F6.3.
Remember to set a maximum ISO or try to manipulate it during the shoot, as if you go over 800 ISO you’ll probably get too much grain.

We have shot incredible videos and photos with the M50 + 15-45mm and we are impressed with the quality this small glass is able to deliver.
Remember that the most important thing on a video is the story behind it. If you are questioning yourself about being able to make it only with the kit lens, my answer is yes!
If you are willing/able to spend extra money on more expensive gear, go ahead.
But if you have doubts, I would suggest you to go out there and rock those shots with this little lens because I’m sure with a few tips to understand how to get the best out of your gear, you will make it!
Then get back here and let us know how it goes in the comments below.📸

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Canon 6D vs Canon M50 + Viltrox Speedbooster Comparison

I have my Canon 6D for over 3 years and I just love this camera for my photography work.
As the speed booster for the Canon EOS M system is here, we decided to give you a comparison on the field of view, bokeh, and brightness in between these two cameras.
A few people commented that it isn’t really a full stop gain with the speedbooster, as we have to count the relation of the crop sensor not just for the size of the frame but for the aperture as well.
Well, some articles explain why we should consider the crop sensor affecting the aperture and other articles says it’s unaffected.
I arrive at the conclusion that, as we have an enlargement of the field of view and aperture by the speedbooster, the shots with the Canon M50 had more light coming into the sensor as you can see on the video.
We used the same settings inside and outside and on both, they had the same results.

Here some pictures for you to compare and take your own conclusions:

We have a camera with dual pixel autofocus, 60fps full HD, 4k 24fps, flip screen, mic jack, interchangeable lenses, customizable color profile, weighing about 350grms, wifi, and now with an adapter that boost it for better results. All for 600 dollars.
It’s almost 2019 and so far nothing beats that, it’s amazing!

I will leave the links where you can purchase the Viltrox ef-eos m2 adapter and the Canon M50 here:


Now that you saw the images side by side, we would love to hear your opinion about it, share with us in the comments below.

Canon 6D vs Canon M50 + Viltrox Speedbooster Comparison

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Viltrox EF-EOS M2 Autofocus

With the announcement of a product which could improve the performance of a camera giving it the same field of view a 2000 USD camera has, questions started to be raised.
The camera itself has a superb autofocus, it is so fast that I often rely on it.
Are we lazy to mark the spots and do manual focus nowadays?
No, it’s technology advancing in our favor.
Which bring us to the most asked question: Does the camera AF works well with the speedbooster? Does it work at all?
The answer is yes! It works smoothly on my lenses and I’ve been using it every day.
With a faster aperture and wider field of view, it indeed helps me on my videos inside and outside, as we always
try to get the most out of the camera and lens using the faster aperture.

Here we have examples using the speedbooster plus the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II with the speedbooster at F2 and at f2.8:

Pay attention to the gain of light and bokeh background, it’s quite noticeable.

Here we have examples using the Canon 24-70mm F2.8 II with the normal adapter at F2.8 vs the speedbooster at f2:

Here we have another example using the Canon 85mm f1.8 with speedbooster at 1.2:

It’s amazing! In this case, we had a 2 stops gain on aperture value.

In our opinion, if you own other Canon full frame glasses, this speedbooster is game-changing.
We use it all the time now, even when recording videos inside the studio.
I hope this review was clear and helped with your decision to add it or not to your gear.

If you have any comments or questions, let us know. Keep in touch!

Here is a link to the speedbooster:

Viltrox EF-EOS M2 Autofocus Review


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Easy In Camera Transitions To Step Up Your Videos

Plugins and effects sometimes can be a difficult task even for experienced filmmakers.
Regardless if you are a pro or not, here are amazing techniques to improve your videos and the way you tell your story, saving a lot of time on your editing but still keeping the audience engaged.
If you watch our videos you’re going to see that I personally love to use in camera transitions. They are so much fun to make and in our opinion, it gives a special touch to the story we are trying to tell.
The main thing in common between these transitions is remembering the action you finish your clip with, to be able to begin the next one repeating it. After that, get creative and share with us how it goes.
We didn’t use any kind of plugin or special gear so if we can, so can you!
Follow the steps we gave you and if you have any doubt don’t hesitate on leaving your questions in the comments.

We have loads of great content coming up but we also wanna know what you want to see next! Let us know your thought in the comments.✨

Easy In Camera Transitions To Step Up Your Videos

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Best Vlogging Camera Of 2018 – Canon M50

On 2018 Canon M50 arrived in the market and loads of questions started to raise about its potential.
Two weeks later, people came to realize they were getting much more for less than any other camera on the market.
A lot of trash talk happened about the cropped and laggy 4k mode but still, there was a camera with dual pixel autofocus, electronic viewfinder,
fill screen, mic input, interchangeable lens, Canon color science, in body image stabilization, and plus a 4K mode for 600 USD. Wasn’t a bad deal after all, was it?

I got mine about 3 months ago and I ensure you that I bring it everywhere with me.
Picture quality is also decent as it has the same sensor as the Canon 80D.
It’s true the camera feels fragile and I bet we better don’t drop it but it’s also small and lightweight making it perfect to carry around.
Another plus is it never overheats.

Here are the specifications for this little beast of a camera:

If you are thinking about buying a new camera to start shooting videos or pics, I totally suggest this one.
I bought my first camera 9 years ago and it was a Canon 500D, which I still own, it costed the same price that the M50 costs today.
The difference is, the M50 can make much more than my first camera did, and this is what we all expect every time there’s a new tech release.
Have you tried the M50 before? Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

Best Vlogging Camera Of 2018 - Canon M50

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GoPro Hero 7 Black : TimeWarp & HyperSmooth Review – Tech Time – Guangzhou, China

It’s 2018 and I finally can say that there is an action camera in the market which you need to have in your pocket!
Before action cameras were all the same to me, I’ve tried different brands and couldn’t see much of a difference.
But now this tiny beast here can make your videos pop, on this video I cover why.
TimeWarp and HyperSmooth Video functions are insane! Check it out.

Buy the new GoPro:
*This content is NOT sponsored.*

Share your thoughts on the GoPro 7 with us in the comments below!❤️

GoPro Hero 7 Black : TimeWarp & HyperSmooth Review - Tech Time - Guangzhou, China

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