Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand – Part 3

The last part of our adventure is loaded with paradisiacal beaches and breath-taking landscapes.🏝
Also known as Koh Kut, the island make to the top 5 on our recommendations while visiting Thailand.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 3
Snorkeling at Bang Bao Bay

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Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 3
Thai Massage facing the sea

Getting To Koh Kood

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For us, there’s nothing in the world like being at a pristine beach.It’s the ultimate experience, one we definitely look for.
What about you, do you agree with our vision?Share with us at the comments below!💜

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Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand – Part 2

Our journey continue on this beautiful island located at the Gulf of Thailand.
With quiet and peaceful atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination for those looking for relaxation.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2

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Best Beaches

There’s plenty of beautiful stretches of sand to explore.
Every single one of them has a beautiful touch, all worth the visit.
Some of them sure will make the top of the list. It will depend as well on your personal taste and activities you search for.Here are some of our favorites:

Bang Bao Bay – The first view is a small patch of fine white sand followed by heaven’s swimming pool.
Great for swimming and with fair snorkeling, a must see.
There’s a path to a second part of Bang Bao near The Beach Natural Resort, where you’ll find another small bay with rockery and a pier. Again, lovely setting and good for chilling, snorkeling and swimming.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 1
Bang Bao Bay

Ngamkho – With clear water bathing very high palm trees, drawing the perfect landscape.
There’s not much sand space at some parts due the palm trees positioning, but it has a special charm being distinct in the good way.
Snorkeling gets better near by the rocks at deeper depths, great for swimming as well.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2

Klong Chao – One of the most popular choices due to central location, exhibiting alluring white sand and turquoise water.
A variety of hotels and restaurants are available at a nice sized beach.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Klong Chao Beach

Ao Phrao Beach – The day we visited Ao Phrao the sea was a little wavy, not the best for snorkeling, so we just chilled at the sands.
The beach is quite long and as in the other bays, the landscape is pretty indeed.

Ao Takean – Gorgeous long beach with great swimming and snorkeling for the island standards.The sea was just a little wavy the day we visited, but is usually calm.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Fish at Ao Takean

Ao Tapao – Long beach with pleasant views, swimming and snorkeling.
We did some seafront yoga just absorbing the energy of the place, Koh Kood is hard to choose, it’s enchanting everywhere.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Ao Tapao

Few months before our trip, I came to Koh Kood on a day trip to work.We shot in an immaculate stretch of sand, unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the exactly location.
At this turn, after stopping by many bay’s I notice that we didn’t visit the one I worked at.
It means, fortunately, that still you can find more and more deserted marvelous beaches apart from the ones cited above.🏝

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2


🏍Motorbike – To explore the island, we rented a motorbike (250 baht/day).This is highly recommended but only for experienced drivers.

🚕Taxi – Taxis are actually seats arranged at the back of a truck, the same style the boat companies use to carry you to your hotel when you first arrive at the island.
When discovering around it can get pricey, but is the only option for families or those who can’t drive a scooter.

🚶Walk – If you intend to visit different bays, most of them are quite far apart, walk is not recommended (unless you actually wish to trek or exercise).

Where To Stay/ What to Eat/ What To Do/ Tips

To check all extra information you need about Koh Kood click here to see Part 1.

How To Get There

Click here to check our post about how to get to Koh Kood.

Exploring Koh Kood, Thailand - Part 2
Klong Chao Waterfall

Felling the beach vibe?Share with us at the comments below!❤️

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From Bangkok To Koh Kood, Thailand – Amazing Trip

Koh Kood – เกาะกูด (Also spelled Koh Kut)

Getting to Koh Kood is easy! Just follow the 2 steps below and prepare to be sun kissed!😉


1- Bus from Bangkok to Trat

There’s more then one departure point, we bought our ticket from Ekkamai as it was closer to our location.
The other options would be from Khao San Road or Mo Chit Bus Terminal(addresses below).

The route will take around 5.5-6 hours and will cost 236 baht per person one way, with the possibility of buying a discounted open return ticket.
It’s highly advisable to buy the ticket before the travel day, specially when aiming for the last or first bus.


Ekamai Bus Terminal (Eastern Bus Terminal) – สถานีขนส่งสายตะวันออก (เอกมัย)
Also spelled Ekkamai Bus Terminal
BTS(skytrain): Ekkamai station – Sukhumvit line, exit 2

Mo Chit Bus Terminal – สถานีขนส่งหมอชิต
(Also known as Northern Bus Station or Chatuchak Bus Terminal)
*Not to be confused with Mo Chit BTS skytrain station.
BTS(skytrain): Mo Chit Station – Sukhumvit line, THEN TAKE A TAXI.
Best way to get there from Bangkok is by taxi.

Khaosan Road – ถนนข้าวสาร
(Can also be spelled Khao San Road)
Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok
Tip: All taxi drivers will understand “Khaosan Road” without need to show the address in Thai.

2- Boat from Trat to Koh Kood

Soon as you arrive at Trat Bus Station, there will be free taxi service to bring you to the pier.
Most of people will head to Koh Chang, be careful to embark to Laem Sok Pier that is the one going to Koh Kood.

From Bangkok To Koh Kood, Thailand - Amazing Trip

There’s more then one company offering the ferry service, your choice will mostly depend on the time you are arriving in Trat.
You can call to the companies to confirm if there will be an available boat at the day of your arrival.
When we’ve been there, the 9:00am boat won’t be riding that day, we took the 10:00am one.

Boats depart usually from 9:00am to 2:20pm, with prices ranging from 200-950 baht depending on the company and/or travel time.
Private speed boats are available as well.

The taxi will leave you right at a small restaurant at the pier where you will wait for few minutes until the departing time of your boat.
The boat is a big high-speed catamaran(unless you chose the slow boat) with comfy seat and air-con, the ride lasts around 75-90 min.

From Bangkok To Koh Kood, Thailand - Amazing Trip

From Koh Kood’s pier there’s a free taxi service that brings you to your accommodation.
Just inform your hotel name and they will lead you to the right vehicle.

And this is it!You are at the paradise!Enjoy your time!🌴

From Bangkok To Koh Kood, Thailand - Amazing Trip

Times and Tips:

We took the last bus of the night and the first boat in the morning.
There’s quiet a wait time between them at the bus station(around 3-4 hours depending on available ferry schedule).

Another option is taking the first bus leaving Bangkok at dawn, then there’s no wait, but you may have to take the noon or afternoon boat depending on you bus schedule.
Be aware that the last boat to Koh Kood is at 2:20pm and we don’t recommend staying the night in Trat, it’s a waste of time.

The way back to Bangkok:

Everything the same but in reverse!
Free taxi from your hotel to the pier – free taxi from the pier to Trat Bus Station – buy your ticket to Bangkok(if you don’t have one yet) – arrive in Bangkok 6 hours later.

All hotels and some stores around the island sell the boat tickets back to Trat.
Another good choice would be visiting neighbor islands like Koh Mak, Koh Chang, Koh Wai.All just a ferry boat trip away from Koh Kooh lasting from 30 min to 2 hours.
The trip till the destination is always highly enjoyable for me, doesn’t matter where i’m going, there’s the expectation going on, i just love it!
What about you? Do you feel the same?Share with us tin the comment below!💚

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Best Of Thailand Preview

Soon as you step in this blessed floor you feel the energy flowing!Fortunately we’ve had this chance 4 times in the last few years.
We gonna show you detailed our loved Thailand, the cities, the food, the people, the vibe, the temples and much more but first let’s give you a taste of what is coming!
We are in Thailand right now!Let us know in the comments what you want to see from the land of smiles!


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