Hollywood Portrait Lighting Technique – 5 Months of Pregnancy

Today we celebrate our 5 months of pregnancy with a photoshoot and will share with you all the technique used to achieve these photos.
During the video, I forgot to mention that when I’m using two lights, the key light is the Octabox and the white umbrella act as a fill with half of the power of the Octabox.
It’s good to understand the light ratio when using more than one light and we will talk more about that in future videos as well.
I wish you enjoy the shooting and share your thoughts in the comments section below,
stay tuned!

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The FAMOUS Traditional South Brazilian Dessert Sagu – How to

Such deliciousness must be shared!
Here we come with a piece of our culture, something we grew up enjoying and is always a reminder of our traditions.

The FAMOUS Traditional South Brazilian Dessert Sagu - How to


1l of red unseated wine or 100% red grape juice
1/2l of water
1,5 cup of sugar
1,5 cup of tapioca sagu balls

To see a step-by-step guide on how to prepare it check the video above.

If you like this video and want to see more traditional recipes let us know in the comments below!😊

The FAMOUS Traditional South Brazilian Dessert Sagu - How to

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Dynamic Portrait Studio Light Technique

Here we bring you another tutorial to shoot portraits and have that shining beautiful contrast in your photos.
Is extremely important that you read your light in order to use one as a key light and another one as a fill, keep in mind the power output of lighting that I’m sharing with you in the video as well.
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Speed Ramp Like A Boss – Shoot And Edit – Tech Time

Today we come with a Tech Time episode where Destiny Boy will share on how to Speed Ramp.
If any doubts come to mind let us know in the comments below, we’ll be there with you.



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From Bangkok To Ayutthaya By Train – Thailand + Night Market

Ayutthaya is a wonderful and highly recommended place to visit while in Thailand.
Its proximity to Bangkok(80km) makes it easier to reach even for those on shorter time frames.
The rich culture display offered by the archaeological park and its surroundings make the old capital of Siam a must-see.
For that, you have to arrive there first:

How To Get From Bangkok To Ayutthaya

By Train:

Trains depart from Hua Lamphong Railway Station, 3rd class seats are enough due to the short lasting trip, still 2nd class is available if you would like some extra comfort.
The 3rd class seats will cost 15 baht each and take 2,5 hours.
There are many trains that run this route during the day, usually buying in advance is not necessary, unless public holidays are going on.
We chose the train because of its scenic quality and to try something new compared to our last Ayutthaya trip. Apart from that, we rode trains to several locations in Thailand and we like this trip style.
For those who are arriving at Don Mueang Airport and wish to go directly to Ayutthaya, there’s a train stop just beside the airport. Follow the signs through the footbridge to the Amari Airport Hotel direction.
If time is a concern to you, buses are a little faster, but for that to be true your location in Bkk has to be considered.

Hua Lamphong – หัวลำโพง
(Officially “Bangkok Railway Station” – สถานีรถไฟกรุงเทพ)
Address: Hua Lamphong, Rama 4 Road, Mahaphruttharam, Bangrak, Bangkok
Address in Thai: ที่อยู่: หัวลำโพง ถ.พระราม 4 แขวง มหาพฤฒาราม เขต บางรัก กทม
MRT: Hua Lamphong station – Blue line, exit 2
BTS(skytrain): *Interchange with MRT needed- Asoke station – Sukhumvit line, interchange with MRT blue line
Website(Thailand Railway): http://www.railway.co.th/home *In this website you can check timetables, fares, and seating options with pictures of all trains in Thailand.

From Bangkok To Ayutthaya By Train - Thailand + Night Market

By Bus:

This was our 2nd trip to Ayutthaya, the first was done by bus back in 2014.
Buses depart from Mo Chit taking around 1-2 hours and costing 60 baht, if it will be faster than the train, depends on your location in Bangkok. If you are staying near the train station, for example, the time to get to the bus terminal will add up.
Both train and bus are a nice way to do it, the location of your hotel in Ayutthaya also can help you to decide which one to pick, especially if you are walking to it when arrive.

Mo Chit Bus Terminal – สถานีขนส่งหมอชิต
(Also known as Northern Bus Station or Chatuchak Bus Terminal)
*Not to be confused with Mo Chit BTS skytrain station.
BTS(skytrain): Mo Chit Station – Sukhumvit line, THEN TAKE A TAXI.
Best way to get there from Bangkok is by taxi.

By Taxi:

Many of the normal city taxis in Bangkok will bring you to Ayutthaya for a previously accorded fixed price.
If you are on a group and/or don’t want to take public transport it is a great option.
The rate asked is not very high, usually about 2000 baht round trip.


Here all addresses and extra info from everything you saw on the video:

Ayutthaya Railway Station – สถานีรถไฟอยุธยา
Address: Ho Rattanachai, Ayutthaya
Address in Thai: ตำบล หอรัตนไชย อำเภอ พระนครศรีอยุธยา

From Bangkok To Ayutthaya By Train - Thailand + Night Market

Baan Are Gong – บ้านอากง ริเวอร์ไซด์ โฮมสเตย์
Riverside Homestay
Address: 48 Moo 10 Tambon Kramang, Tambon Ho Rattanachai, Ayutthaya
Address in Thai: 48 หมู่ 10(ซอยตรงข้ามสถานีรถไฟ) ต.กะมัง อ.พระนครศรีอยุอยา

Veggie Home – ร้านอาหารเจผูซ่า
Vegan Restaurant
Address: 19 61 Khlong Suan Plu, Ayutthaya
Address in Thai: 19 61 ตำบล คลองสวนพลู
Open from 8 am to 8 pm.

Bang Lan Night Market
Address: Bang Lan Road, Tambon Ta Wa Su Kri, Ayutthaya
Address in Thai: บางลาน ตำบล ท่าวาสุกรี อำเภอ พระนครศรีอยุธยา
Open from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Chinese New Year Celebration
Address: Chao Prom Market, in front of city’s municipal office, Ayutthaya
Address in Thai: ตลาดเจ้าพรหม สำนักงานเทศบาลนครพระนครศรีอยุธยา


Ready for some adventure?
Stay connected for more of charming Ayutthaya!✨

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