Canon M50 Vs Canon RP Epic Battle! 📷

Canon EOS RP:
Canon M50:

We recently purchased the new Canon EOS RP as a pro camera to shoot weddings, fashion shoots and portraits in our studio.
While we consider the EOS RP a better camera, we thought it would be a nice video comparing it to the M50 as we consider the M50 to be the best cost-benefit camera for beginners and vloggers. The RP would be the best cost-benefit camera for professional photographers.

I do think the RP is better and it should be but the M50 is capable of amazing shots as well. With that being said, you can judge by your needs and pocket which is the right camera for you.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!❤️

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Canon EOS RP Photoshoot Behind The Scenes Autofocus Test

Today we are testing the autofocus of the cheapest, smallest and yet amazing Canon EOS RP.

Canon EOS RP:

Share your thoughts about the new camera with us in the comments below!

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Canon EOS RP – An Underrated Camera

The Canon EOS RP came to the market and the first thought people had was that it would be a great all around camera. Yes, it is! But Canon did make some strange choices to the camera functions making the public a bit mad about it.
Still, this camera delivers great performance and features for its price point and here I tell you why.

Canon EOS RP link:

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Best Vlogging Camera Of 2018 – Canon M50

On 2018 Canon M50 arrived in the market and loads of questions started to raise about its potential.
Two weeks later, people came to realize they were getting much more for less than any other camera on the market.
A lot of trash talk happened about the cropped and laggy 4k mode but still, there was a camera with dual pixel autofocus, electronic viewfinder,
fill screen, mic input, interchangeable lens, Canon color science, in body image stabilization, and plus a 4K mode for 600 USD. Wasn’t a bad deal after all, was it?

I got mine about 3 months ago and I ensure you that I bring it everywhere with me.
Picture quality is also decent as it has the same sensor as the Canon 80D.
It’s true the camera feels fragile and I bet we better don’t drop it but it’s also small and lightweight making it perfect to carry around.
Another plus is it never overheats.

Here are the specifications for this little beast of a camera:

If you are thinking about buying a new camera to start shooting videos or pics, I totally suggest this one.
I bought my first camera 9 years ago and it was a Canon 500D, which I still own, it costed the same price that the M50 costs today.
The difference is, the M50 can make much more than my first camera did, and this is what we all expect every time there’s a new tech release.
Have you tried the M50 before? Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

Best Vlogging Camera Of 2018 - Canon M50

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