Xintiandi – 新天地 in Shanghai, China

Is time to eat at the city that never sleeps and Xintiandi is here to satisfy you!
A mix of mid-19th century Shikumen and modern architecture assure the great atmosphere combined with the wide selection of world cuisines that will match perfectly your tour.
From breakfast to dinner you can find excellent options while you appreciate the site history.

Some of our favorite restaurants are “Sproutworks” for a quick healthy meal, “Marzano” and “Bottega Mozzarella Bar” are great Italian options.
In the alleys you will find craft,clothe and book stores and often art expositions are held as well.
Xintiandi is a place where fashion,food and art meets; make sure to check it out.

Tip: If you want some groceries there is a nice supermarket “GL Plaza” going underground in the corner near by(address below).


Xintiandi – 新天地
Address: 123 Xingye Road,Huangpu, Shanghai, China
Address In Chinese: 地址: 上海新天地 兴业路123弄
Subway station: Xintiandi Station – line 10, exit 6 or South Huangpi Road Station – line 1, exit 3

GL Plaza Supermarket – 全洲超市
Address: B1, No.1-6, Lane 222, Madang Road, Shanghai
Address in Chinese: 地址: 上海市馬当路222弄1-6号地下1层102单元
Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
Subway station: Xintiandi Station – line 10, exit 6 or South Huangpi Road Station – line 1, exit 3

Have you been to Xintiandi?What is your favorite restaurant there?Let us know in the comments below!💛








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From West Nanjing Road – 南京西路 to The Bund – 外滩 in Shanghai,China

From West Nanjing Road passing People Square arriving at East Nanjing Road and finally The Bund you’ll be involved in what the city is all about and will get a taste of it!
West Nanjing Road is a commercial street with plenty of stores and restaurants that are very popular among the locals and visitors too.From here you can have a walk appreciating the city architecture and spot People Square in the way towards the famous riverfront.
The Bund is a traditional place that you can’t leave without a visit.
The famous city line is a mix of waterfront colonial buildings and the view of modern skyscrapers that guarantee the authentic Shanghainese feeling.

Tip: If possible avoid national holidays and Sundays as the place will be really crowded.
There is some reports about tourists being scammed at this area, although Shanghai is a really safe city minor distress can be avoided keeping an eye at your personal belongings and not engaging in activities proposed by strangers such as visiting tea houses(is a great idea to visit a tea house but do it by yourself or with friends).

The Bund: Zhongshan East 1st Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai
Address in Chinese: 地址:上海市黄浦区中山东一路 1号
Subway station: East Nanjing Road – line 2 and 10, exit 2 or 3 (10 min. walk)
West Nanjing Road: West Nanjing Road
Address in Chinese: 地址: 南京西路
Subway Station: West Nanjing Road – line 2, exit 2





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Jing’An Temple – 静安寺 in Shanghai,China

In the middle of the city, you can find the beautiful Buddhist Jing An Temple shinning its gold color and charming architecture.
First built in 247 AD its most recent reconstruction was in 1880.
When you walk through the main entrance the view is undeniably breathtaking, there is a vibe in the air mixed with the temple arrangement that just feels good to be enjoyed.
Right in the middle, you will see a pagoda brazier where you can throw a coin(or many) and if it gets inside is believed to bring you good luck.
One of my favorite things about Buddhist temples are the extremely detailed ceilings and roof paintings, don’t forget to look up and appreciate them.
Is Shanghai on your bucket list?We can’t wait to hear your experience there!Share with us in the comments below.😃

Tip: Nearby the temple you can find 3 cool shopping malls to grab something to eat, do some shopping or even groceries in the nice supermarkets they have: “Plaza 66”, “Kerry Center” and “Joinbuy City Plaza”

Address: 1686 West Nanjing Rd, Jing’an, Shanghai (open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm)
Address in Chinese: 地址:静安区南京西路1686号
Subway station: Jing’an Temple Station- line 2 and 7, exit 1

JingAnTemple-2low JingAnTemple-3low JingAnTemple-6low


JingAnTemple-9low JingAnTemple-4low


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My Destiny

The double sense title is signed in our souls.It seems like we always knew that our hearts follow the sun.
My name is Jeane and the photographer/cameraman/cute boy of our blog and youtube channel is my husband Diego.
We travel around the world due our jobs for the last 8 years and it came to our mind that only a few pictures didn’t show the real beauty of our path to our family.Then the urge to give them a piece of heaven made us start brainstorming about this project.
With the time you will get to know me better and will see that I’m sure a perfectionist and don’t rest until everything is detailed planned, then it occurred me that a lot of people could benefit from my schedules, routes, addresses and it all.
So we decide to begin this new journey “My destiny” where we share our lifestyle, trips, and hobbies. Here you can find travel advice and then when everything is ready you can just go and feel that there is where you belong (many times in many different places) and then share your experience with us!
Welcome on board!

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