The Journey From China to Malaysia! How To Get To Kapas Island + First Look Into The Stunning Pulau

Today’s adventure starts in Shanghai, China and ends in Kapas Island, Malaysia.
Many haven’t heard about the extreme beauty of Malaysian beaches, a yet hidden secret, that we are bringing to light one after the other!

Not long ago we’ve been to Perhentian Islands, you can see how to get the best out of that clicking here.
The experience in Perhentian left us dreaming about some more Malaysia in our lives, and here we are manifesting the life we want to live.
If you want to do that too, you’ll need to get there first, and here is how:

How To Get To Kapas Island

*We’ll give detailed addresses and extra info since the beginning of our trip from Shanghai.
If you are not coming from China, just jump directly to Malaysia right below.

Departure From Shanghai, China:

As our flight was very early we took a taxi to Pudong Airport.
If you wish to use public transportation check the details below.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport -上海浦东国际机场
The main international airport in Shanghai is quite far from city center so make sure to leave in time to catch your flight.
Address: S1 Yingbin Expy, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Address In Chinese: 地址: 中国上海市浦东新区S1迎宾高速
Subway station: Pudong Airport – line 2
Maglev: Between Pudong Airport and Longyang Road Subway Station runs a maglev train with the following schedule: Pudong Airport-Longyang Road 7:02-21:42 / Longyang Road-Pudong Airport 6:45-21:40
Bus: There are 8 special airport bus lines that are quite convenient if you don’t carry much luggage you can check schedule and bus stops at the official airport website:

The Journey From China to Malaysia! How To Get To Kapas Island + First Look Into The Stunning Pulau

Stopover in Kuala Lumpur:

From Kuala Lumpur, you need to go to Kuala Terengganu, where is located the nearest airport to Kapas.
If catching a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kapas, the trajectory will be the same.

The Journey From China to Malaysia! How To Get To Kapas Island + First Look Into The Stunning Pulau
Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Our flight brought us to Kuala Lumpur airport, where we once again ate at BMS Organics and its delicious vegan traditional Malay food before proceeding to our domestic flight to Kuala Terengganu.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport – Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur
Address: 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
ERL: Express Rail Link connects the airport to the city center.Full schedule here:

BMS Organics – Gateway @KLIA2
Organic Vegetarian Restaurant and Shop
Address: L2M-19, Level 2M Terminal Klia2, KLIA2 Arrival Lane, Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Open from 6am to 12am.

The Journey From China to Malaysia! How To Get To Kapas Island + First Look Into The Stunning Pulau

From Kuala Terengganu To Marang:

After arriving at Kuala Terengganu airport, look for taxi stalls, there you can book your trip to Marang.
It will cost rm55 and take around 45min, usually there’s no waiting line.

The Journey From China to Malaysia! How To Get To Kapas Island + First Look Into The Stunning Pulau
Sultan Mahmud Airport

Kuala Terengganu Airport – Sultan Mahmud Airport
Address: Jala Lapangan Terbang, Kuala Terengganu

From Marang to Kapas Island:

When in Marang, your next step will depend on the time you were able to arrive at the city.
As you can see below, the last boat departs at 4:30pm, if you are able to catch it just ask to be dropped in the pier. If not, you can stay in a hotel nearby the pier.
Prebook in case you want something more specific, if on a budget, there’s a simple yet clean hotel just above pizza hut on the main street leading to the pier for rm60 a night and no need to book in advance.

The morning market in Marang happens by the pier street and is a great attraction that we definitely recommend, with a big variety of exotic fruits and traditional desserts.
One hour is enough to check it out, then you can walk to the pier and turn your beach mood on.🏝

Marang Pier – Marang Jetty
Boat Schedule: Marang-Kapas(around 30min) – 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm.
Kapas-Marang(around 30min) – 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 5:00pm.
Price: rm30 for round trip(open ticket, the return can be scheduled anytime)

The Final Destination:

Kapas Island – Pulau Kapas
Kapas means cotton, named after the white sand of the Island, that alone is enough to catch my attention.
Then, there’s the crystal clear water and the fairly good snorkeling, we were able to spot several black tip reef sharks, barracudas, parrot fish, blue spotted stingray, some nice corals, etc.
Not as rich underwater as in Perhentian, but definitely worth a try.

The island is still somewhat unknown, there’s a lot of free space on the beach, and when out of the main beaches the chance of having it all to yourself is high.
The laid back atmosphere, beautiful nature, and small enough to explore from on tip to the other.
It is nearby other very nice islands and can match perfectly on an island hopping vacation.


Can’t wait to see more of Kapas? Let us know in the comments below!💙

I know how hard it can be to see those coral reefs and not to jump in, so keep tuned for the next videos and we’ll dip together in those waters!


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