Is It Worth To Use The Kit Lens? Shot With Canon M50 in 4K

Is It Worth To Use The Kit Lens? Shot With Canon M50 in 4K

Imagine you just bought a Canon M series camera or you’ve been thinking about purchasing one. The next thought is on investing more money and deciding which lens to buy because people say all the time that kit lenses aren’t useful. Are they really?
As vloggers/filmmakers, we are traveling and visiting new places all the time and we use the kit lens a lot, that’s why we decided to make this video for you.

Is It Worth To Use The Kit Lens? Shot With Canon M50 in 4K

The kit lens 15-45 f3.5-63 has fast and quiet autofocus, is lightweight, a smooth manual focus ring, and can focus from a very close distance.
As the lenses are small, it’s easy to carry them around making it more likely to be unnoticeable by the crowds.
The center of the lens is very sharp with hard vignetting on the corners. When I’m recording a video or taking pictures, I keep that in mind to don’t let the subject fall much to the corners of the frame. Still, I can apply the rule of thirds to the shot and correct the vignetting during post-processing.

My best advice is to use the kit lens to shoot at its wide end angle of 15mm and aperture of F3.5. Try to place a foreground subject and thus get a blurred background, giving more depth to your shots and taking advantage out of the image quality at 15mm.
Avoid using the end zoom of the lens which tends to lose image quality and get darker shots at F6.3.
Remember to set a maximum ISO or try to manipulate it during the shoot, as if you go over 800 ISO you’ll probably get too much grain.

We have shot incredible videos and photos with the M50 + 15-45mm and we are impressed with the quality this small glass is able to deliver.
Remember that the most important thing on a video is the story behind it. If you are questioning yourself about being able to make it only with the kit lens, my answer is yes!
If you are willing/able to spend extra money on more expensive gear, go ahead.
But if you have doubts, I would suggest you to go out there and rock those shots with this little lens because I’m sure with a few tips to understand how to get the best out of your gear, you will make it!
Then get back here and let us know how it goes in the comments below.📸

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