Inside A Chinese Tea Market – Guangzhou

Inside A Chinese Tea Market - Guangzhou

Every Chinese city will have at least one tea market so if you are not in Guangzhou don’t worry, there will be a delightful market near you too.
On western minds tea come in tea bags, that can make for a whole discovering experience when visiting tea markets in China. Here they come in a spectacle of packings, straw wrapped, inside dried fruits, paper wrapped, in all sizes and shapes.
Even if you don’t really care for tea, they look so good that you want to bring some home. The same happens with the tea sets and tables, you suddenly wish to build a tea room in your house.😜
Visiting Guangzhou’s market we found friendly and very welcoming people and no other tourist to be seen, a real contact with the culture and the people, perfect for those wanting to winded faraway from the crowds.

The market we visited on this video:

Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Wholesale Market Park – 芳村茶叶批发市场园区
*This is the address of the main mall but all the surroundings are part of the tea market.
Address: 333 Fangcun Middle Avenue, Liwan, Guangzhou
GPS: 23.102204,113.227310 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Address in Chinese: 广州市荔湾区芳村芳村大道中333号
Subway station: Fangcun, line 1, exit C (walk 15 min)

To see a traditional Chinese teahouse click here.

I am a tea enthusiast, something that can be especially fun in Asia.
What about you, can’t live without a cup? Let us know in the comments below!✨

Inside A Chinese Tea Market - Guangzhou


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