The Hidden Diver’s Paradise of Malaysia – Tenggol Island

The Hidden Diver’s Paradise of Malaysia - Tenggol Island
The Hidden Diver’s Paradise of Malaysia - Tenggol Island
Whale Shark

Experienced divers of Malaysia hold a secret spot, where diverse diving sites offering interesting attractions even to the most skilled divers can be found.
The gorgeous island is remote, quiet, and unspoiled.
But don’t worry, from now on you know it too, it’s called Tenggol and it’s waiting for you!

What To Do

Experienced divers are often attracted to the island that is regarded as the best dive site in Peninsular Malaysia, with reefs in almost perfect conditions.
It has more than 20 diving sites, with shallow and also deeper diving spots.
Dive season starts in March and ends in October.
Current is present, a skilled instructor who knows the area is recommended.

The Hidden Diver’s Paradise of Malaysia - Tenggol Island

Either from the shore or by boat, snorkeling spots are available all around the island.
We came in hopes of spotting a whale shark, and there it was!
A few turtles, blacktip reef sharks, giant barracuda, bat, parrot, and pufferfishes also came to play.

⚪Chill On The Beach
As usual, not much explanation needed for this one.
Tune on you best relaxation mode and be happy!☀

Buffet-style meals are served, offering a taste of local cuisine.
In such a small island, vegans will easily be concern about going hungry during their stay.
We informed the hotel about our preferences in advance and were very pleased with the results.
Simple, yet delicious vegan food, with new options every meal was served to us separately from the buffet.
Honestly, after a bit of struggle in Kapas, eating the same few available vegan dishes over and over, we didn’t want to leave Tenggol.🍜

Walking along the main bay, and grabbing a boat to go around the island is the only way to explore it.
Poisonous snakes inhabit Tenggol, making trekking a definite no go.
Still, it’s a small place, there’s only a short boat ride between you and any place you wish to see.

On such peaceful environment, it’s time to put your zen on and try some yoga moves to connect even further with yourself.
Which here will be easier, humans thrive when in contact with nature.
If you don’t know how to do it, take at least 5 min to meditate, close your eyes and just be aware.

The Hidden Diver’s Paradise of Malaysia - Tenggol Island

⚪Make Friends and Sense The Culture
Everyone, from staff to other guests, was extremely friendly and helpful.
Being in such environment is a great opportunity to learn more about a new culture and make new friends.
You can feel the good vibes, beautiful place with beautiful people.🌈

How To Get There

Click here to see our post showing how to do it step-by-step.

Where To Stay

Click here to see our post about it.

We were enchanted by this island!🏝
What about you? Share with us in the comments below.💗

Wanna see more of Malaysia? Stay tuned!




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