Having Lunch Inside A Buddhist Temple ! Guangzhou, China

Having Lunch Inside A Buddhist Temple ! Guangzhou, China

I’ve been craving Chinese food for a while and visiting this place seemed like the perfect solution for it.
You may wonder how such craving is possible living in China, however, I live in a very westernized area and the Chinese food available near me is not vegan.
It is confirmed, this place is a gem to end that baozi(Chinese bun) craving and I find it’s also just perfect for tourists. You are able to visit a stunning temple and eat the local food in a great ambiance and atmosphere, all in one.
The beautiful temple is located near Beijing Road, a famous shopping street, it may be one more attraction for the combo if shopping is your cup of tea.
After the meal, a stroll around the Gold Buddha temple will bring you pure joy, and if lucky you’ll be around at the ceremony time and witness the beauty of it. This bit can’t be recorded, no problem though, have a look at the majestic and gigantic golden Buddhas for yourself and let us know how you feel. 😉

Having Lunch Inside A Buddhist Temple ! Guangzhou, China

DaFo Vegetarian – 大佛寺素食阁
Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 2F, 27 Xihu Road, Inside DaFo Temple, Yuexiu, Guangzhou
GPS: 23.123023,113.268206 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Address in Chinese: 广州市越秀区北京路西湖路27号
Subway station: Beijing Lu, line 6, exit B (10 min walk) or Gongyuanqian, line 1, exit D (12 min walk)
Open from 11 am to 9 pm.


There was a special energy in this place, I highly recommend it.
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