Having A Blast In Redang Island + Top Things To Do – Malaysia

Having A Blast In Redang Island + Top Things To Do - Malaysia

Every time I encounter a turtle the experience gets holy.
It’s the universe and I dancing.
And man, we dance it out quite a few times during this trip!✨

Having A Blast In Redang Island + Top Things To Do - Malaysia

Here’s a list of the best attractions in other-worldly Redang Island:

Top Things To Do

Giant skull of fishes, sharks, turtles, rays, corals, just drop in the water!
Even though the monsoon season was about to start, the sea was stable enough for snorkeling to be done.
In the evenings it would get a little wavy, showing what was to come.
We stayed until the last day when hotels started closing for the stormy season.

A great diving destination, offering special encounters every single time you jump into the water.
With a big variety of dive sites, average visibility of 20 meters, and a huge showcase of soft and hard corals.
No up and down current(something I’m particularly afraid of), making it a fairly safe place to dive.

☞Chill On The Beach
No explanation needed😉.

Pulau Redang is 7km long and 6km wide, giving plenty of choices for trek lovers.
Among the viewing possibilities are mangroves, river, hills, rare animal species, and of course beaches.

☞Volleyball By The Beach
Some hotels set a volleyball net by the beach, even if you are not staying in one of them, just walk by and ask to join the game.
Everyone is happy to share the space and bring some new excitement to it.

Renting a kayak (or using the ones available at your resort if that is the case), can be definitely a fun activity.
Make sure to pack the sunblock, place your belongings in a dry bag, and ask route tips for your hotel staff before leaving.
Snorkeling can be incorporated into your kayak trip, making for a fun half day out.
Using a life jacket is advisable.

Starting from rm 100 an hour at Pasir Panjang, can be done beachfront or in a spa room.
Some resorts offer bookings of a local company starting from rm70 for 30min(honestly not a great massage, but due to the lack of options it may be considerable).

☞Boat Trips
Booking a boat trip is easy yet not a huge range of options are available.
The two main ways are either booking with your hotel(or neighbor hotels) or ask around the pier/fisherman village, which opposite from Thailand, for example, won’t be on the cheaper side.
If you have a package, the trips will probably be included, what can be value for money knowing that there are no cheap self-booking options.

Local dishes hold exotic, delicious flavors.
There’s plenty of main courses, desserts, and fruits to be pleased by.
Vegans need beforehand planning with the chosen resort to make it happen, in our case, it turned out well.

How To Get There

Click here to see how to do it step-by-step.


Hooked in Redang? Stay tuned for more!☀

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