Dreamy, Secluded Redang Island + Where To Stay – Malaysia

How amazing is our world, how lucky we are to be able to go through such experiences!
They are one attitude away, free yourself, spread your wings and fly!
Divine Redang is one of these gifts from the universe, just waiting for you.😉
Grab it, manifest, live it!✨

Dreamy, Secluded Redang Island - Malaysia

Where To Stay

As I mentioned in the previous post, unfortunately, there are no backpacker prices available on the island.
There are still a big variety of hotels, from mid-range to high-end prices.

My advice is to stay beachfront, Redang is not an easy/cheap place to move around, and there’s not much to see apart from the main reason you’re there.
No night markets, pubs, nice restaurants, or whatsoever out of the beachfront.
There’s only one road on the island and it doesn’t access many of the bays, it is a mistake not to stay beachfront, there’s no reason too.

We wanted to get our diving certification done, packages were the best/cheapest/value option.
If you are planning on doing snorkeling trips, it may be the best choice to go with a package too.
We are usually not prone to buying packages but in Pulau Redang, it was what worked the best for us.

If you are on a tight budget and choose one of the small hotels that are not in front of the beach(and are still expensive), paying for trips/ snorkeling trips/taxis/dives to visit the places you wish, can end up costing you the same as the package deals or more.
I know that’s not the case in many places, but it is in Redang.
Asking around the pier or in the village won’t put the price much down, you will either end up isolated and not experiencing the island as much or spending a whole more then you expected.

We had an amazing time and recommend staying at the main beach, Pasir Panjang.
Redang interior is quite undeveloped and at this bay, you have the opportunity to walk the long beach, look at small shops, have some massage, and restaurants options.
Also, it is magnificent and not crowded at all, the peaceful feeling remains even though it is the most concentrated area.
Fantastic snorkeling can be done out of the shore.

The hotels we stayed:

Redang Pelangi Resort*
Website: http://www.redangpelangi.com

Redang Island Resort*
Website: http://www.redangislandresort.com
**Would not stay again due to the isolated location.

*Not sponsored.

How To Get There

Click here to see how to do it step-by-step.

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