Our Baby Shower – Brazil

Endless years saving pictures to files in my computer and then to boards on Pinterest fancying the idea of celebrating the arrival of a baby to our family!
Here we are, the day arrived and we invite you to take part in our celebration!

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Hollywood Portrait Lighting Technique – 5 Months of Pregnancy

Today we celebrate our 5 months of pregnancy with a photoshoot and will share with you all the technique used to achieve these photos.
During the video, I forgot to mention that when I’m using two lights, the key light is the Octabox and the white umbrella act as a fill with half of the power of the Octabox.
It’s good to understand the light ratio when using more than one light and we will talk more about that in future videos as well.
I wish you enjoy the shooting and share your thoughts in the comments section below,
stay tuned!

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What I Ate In A Day – VEGAN PREGNANCY In Brazil

Today we’ll show you what we ate in a day of our preggo lives in the South of Brazil.

Potato Recipe:

5 big potatoes or 10 small ones
4 shallots
1 cup mixture of half water and half soy sauce
chopped scallions to taste

Peel and chop your potatoes and onions in big chunks. Place them in a large pan, bring it to fire.
Add a bit of the soy sauce and water mix and place the lid on the pan. Every 5 min add a bit more of the liquid mixture until potatoes are soft.


If you would like to see more videos like this let us know in the comments below!✨

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24 Weeks Pregnancy Update! – Brazil

Today we come with our pregnancy update!
Here I open my heart about changes, symptoms and more.
Thank you for everyone following our journey and your sweet wishes, we appreciate your support.

Little feet

Stay tuned for our name reveal and other really fun news coming soon!

Practicing Yoga
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Inside The Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot – 19 Weeks

We have our baby boy with us and off course couldn’t let this time pass by undocumented.
With that being said, every month we are going to have a backstage photoshoot of our pregnancy time.
Our intention with these backstages is to share how amazing it is to be parents and at the same time, teach studio photography lighting techniques.
In the following months I’ll be sharing tons of photo backstages, stay tuned!

Inside The Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot - 19 Weeks


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1st Trimester Pregnancy Update – Brazil

Here we come sharing the experiences of our first trimester.
A lot of changes happened during this time and we are excited to talk about it.
Fellow parents and baby lovers are more than welcome to share their own experiences and give tips in the comments below.✨

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Emotional Baby’s 9 and 12 Week Scan – Brazil

Our first scan was done by my auntie, that is a doctor, on a more casual way.
This time was the official one, together with the first time hearing the baby’s heart and sing his little body getting shape.❤️
I get emotional watching it, seeing how amazing his little movements are, it overflows me with love.
Thank you guys for following along and we would love to hear your stories first time seeing your little ones.

Emotional Baby's 9 and 12 Week Scan - Brazil

To see more about ou pregnancy stay connected!✨

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Baby Sex Reveal !!! – Brazil

Mommy and daddy had a feeling about the answer but decide to keep it to themselves because the true gift was already there, the baby!
We wanted to discover and celebrate the baby sex, wherever it turned out to be, yet in a manner that shows our excitement towards everything about this baby without putting the same on a box.
It is awesome to get to know you better my little one, every detail about you brightens our days but rest assured that we just spotted your sex, your gender you can let us know along the way.❤️

Got a bun in the oven yourself? Share with us in the comments below!

Baby Sex Reveal !!! - Brazil

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Baby’s First Scan!!!

We just landed back in our home country after a few years without seeing our families.
It is a tourbillon of emotions being back, this time with a family of three.❤️
Today we are sharing with you such an exciting personal moment, our very first time seeing our baby!

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1 Month Pregnancy Update !!! – Thailand

For years and years, I watched pregnancy update videos hoping to make mine soon and the time arrived where my dreams came true!
Here, a piece of my pregnant and excited mind!

To see the surprise pregnancy announcement to my husband:

How have you discovered that you were/are pregnant? Share with us in the comments below!❤️

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If You Are A Vegan Or Veggie In Thailand, You MUST Know This

The info we bring you on this video is crucial for vegan or vegetarian travelers.
Diet can make or break a trip, Thailand is a wonderful veggie paradise but there’s a way to make it even easier to navigate through the country food scene.
Take note of this tip and enjoy your trip!

Want to see more vegan videos? Stay connected!🌱



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What I Ate In A Day As A Pregnant Vegan Mama in Thailand! – Koh Yao Noi

Today we come with a special video, showing a bit of our journey as new parents.
We know that as vegans, often there’s curiosity about our eaten habits so we decided to share a little of it.

Here all addresses and extra info from everything you saw on the video:

Pasai Cottage
Address: Pasai Beach, Koh Yao Noi
GPS: 8.099997, 98.619263 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Esanlongtin/

We had breakfast included in our hotel, they had a simple menu with about 5 different options.
My choice was always the fruit plater which I would complete with some tasty fresh coconut from the neighbor shop.


Sea Gypsy Restaurant
Address: Nearby Tha Khao Beach, Koh Yao Noi
GPS: 8.133196, 98.624641 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SeaGypsea/
Open from 8 am to 10 pm.

Delicious and cheap Thai food with plenty of vegan or veganizable options.
The tables are distributed on an open space between trees and singing birds.


Rice Paddy Viewpoint Restaurant
Address: 20/14 Moo 5, Koh Yao Noi
GPS: 8.104206, 98.609034 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Website: http://www.ricepaddy.website/
Open from 12:30 pm to 10 pm, closed on Mondays.

A must visit while in Koh Yao Noi, offering nice food that goes perfectly with the stunning view.


Let us know if you would like to see more videos like this one.
Stay tuned, a lot of Thai adventures are yet to come!☀️

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