Hollywood Portrait Lighting Technique – 5 Months of Pregnancy

Today we celebrate our 5 months of pregnancy with a photoshoot and will share with you all the technique used to achieve these photos.
During the video, I forgot to mention that when I’m using two lights, the key light is the Octabox and the white umbrella act as a fill with half of the power of the Octabox.
It’s good to understand the light ratio when using more than one light and we will talk more about that in future videos as well.
I wish you enjoy the shooting and share your thoughts in the comments section below,
stay tuned!

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On today’s video, we take you behind the scenes and explain every step during the photoshoot to achieve the desired look.
Enjoy the video and share your thoughts in the comments below.



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Dynamic Portrait Studio Light Technique

Here we bring you another tutorial to shoot portraits and have that shining beautiful contrast in your photos.
Is extremely important that you read your light in order to use one as a key light and another one as a fill, keep in mind the power output of lighting that I’m sharing with you in the video as well.
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Inside The Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot – 19 Weeks

We have our baby boy with us and off course couldn’t let this time pass by undocumented.
With that being said, every month we are going to have a backstage photoshoot of our pregnancy time.
Our intention with these backstages is to share how amazing it is to be parents and at the same time, teach studio photography lighting techniques.
In the following months I’ll be sharing tons of photo backstages, stay tuned!

Inside The Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot - 19 Weeks


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Fashion Photoshoot Inside The Studio With Canon EOS RP

Today we take you behind the scenes to a model book photo shooting with a professional model.
For this shooting, we are going to photograph 3 different looks because it’s important to the model to have diversity in her book.
Pay close attention to the details because we are sharing with you all the settings and lighting diagrams to get the shots and also showing how the Canon EOS RP performs inside the studio. Enjoy the video and let us know if you like it in the comments below📸

Fashion Photoshoot Inside The Studio With Canon EOS RP




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Canon M50 MarkII Expectations


What’s up My Destiny Tribe!
On this video, I share with you my expectations about a new Canon M50 Mark II coming up to the market.
What do we hope Canon is going to add in this new camera?
Share your thoughts in the comments below 📷

Canon EF-S 17-55mm F2.8 IS: https://amzn.to/2JWJQ7C

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One Overhead Light With and Without Contrast Setup – Canon EOS RP

Hello everyone! Today we come with a simple one light setup to show the difference of using or not a black reflector in your photos.
The difference is subtle and will be noticed if you pay attention to the shadows on the side where the Reflector is placed but it can make a big difference on the overall looking.
I’m not saying you have to use it all the time, actually, sometimes it’s the opposite and you want to add a White Reflector to bounce some light back to your subject.
It is good to understand how the difference between them so you are able to judge what you are going to use on your next photo or video shoot.
We have photoshop to enhance our pictures but as much as we can make it in the camera is better to work in a non-destructive way.

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Canon Rp Stabilization Test – Cinestyle

Canon EOS Rp, the camera hated by the internet but actually it can do much more than the specs!
I should say at first here, that I’m impressed with the image stabilization out of this camera, which is not Ibis, it’s Digital Stabilization but It’s great.
We have many more videos about the Rp to come in the following days so if you are into this camera like I am, subscribe to our Youtube channel and stay tuned.

Cinestyle website- https://www.technicolor.com/cinestyle

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The BEST vlogging and TOP selling camera of 2019! Here is WHY!

What’s up, guys?

It’s 2019 and as we’ve been using this camera almost every day, we vlog or go out to register our pregnancy with beautiful pictures,
I decided to make a video telling you WHY you should purchase the Canon M50.
The first thing that comes to mind is how much you get for a 500 dollars camera.
How easy is this camera to use? You pretty much turn on, flip the screen (and it’s articulated!), press a record button with the kit lens, which we use all the time and you are good to go.
Off course you can refine your kit with some accessories but I can guarantee to you that you’ll get beautiful shots with this tiny MONSTER.
I’m not entirely sure on what Canon is planning, as many cameras have been released to compete with the M50 but costing 1K is not the case.
My opinion, is that a camera costing 1K is not targeted for the same public as the one costing half of it, the person going out with 500 dollars to purchase a camera won’t be looking into a 1k camera (I’m talking about the Sony a6400 which doesn’t have fully articulated screen and believe it’s necessary).

The camera: https://amzn.to/2IAQtdO

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Canon M50 Vs Canon RP Epic Battle! 📷

Canon EOS RP: https://amzn.to/2Wxxxa2
Canon M50: https://amzn.to/2IAQtdO

We recently purchased the new Canon EOS RP as a pro camera to shoot weddings, fashion shoots and portraits in our studio.
While we consider the EOS RP a better camera, we thought it would be a nice video comparing it to the M50 as we consider the M50 to be the best cost-benefit camera for beginners and vloggers. The RP would be the best cost-benefit camera for professional photographers.

I do think the RP is better and it should be but the M50 is capable of amazing shots as well. With that being said, you can judge by your needs and pocket which is the right camera for you.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!❤️

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