Beautiful Sihanoukville – Cambodia

Sunny beach days, the best gift of nature in this world!
Following the desire of enjoying one of those, we came one more time to Cambodia, this time to explore the coastline.

Beautiful Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Where to Stay?
We stayed at Otres Beach, one of the most famous stretches of sand in Sihanoukville and definitely the best choice.
After reading plenty of reviews we were surprised to find clear water, white sand and some snorkeling off the beach.The place exceeded our expectations.

Beautiful Sihanoukville - Cambodia

What to Do?
We had a good time chilling at the beach, feasting contemplating the sea.
A must as well is a massage facing the ocean, relaxation won’t be a problem.🏝
Exploring along the beach is something we love to do, specially at long beaches, you can see the place at another angle.

Sihanoukville is booming, changing really fast.
In some areas trash may be a problem taking away the complete atmosphere, but life has taught me to look at the beauty of everything and forget the rest.

Beautiful Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Must know?
Prices are all in US Dollars, and everything is more expensive if compared with the neighbor Thailand(specifically at this area, Siam reap in the other hand is cheaper).
The city is the departure point to gorgeous Koh Rong Sanloem, an island which we gonna show you anytime soon.

Beautiful Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Unfortunately our time in Sihanouk was reduced due to a work emergency, but at least we got a taste of the city.

Beautiful Sihanoukville - Cambodia

How to Get There?
Click Here to see our post about how to travel from Bangkok-Thailand to Sihanoukville.

Beautiful Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Have you ever heard of Sihanoukville before?Is Cambodia in your bucket list?Share with us in the comments below!💙

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From Bangkok – Thailand to Sihanoukville – Cambodia

We absolutely love to travel, so an international trip by land definitely brings joy to our minds just on thinking of it!😀
If you’re on our boat, check today’s post,where we gonna show you how we went from Bangkok city to coastal Sihanoukville and other travel possibilities you’ve got to this journey.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Passion fruit and mango shake to prepare for the trip😉

By Land

This is a trip for adventurous people who don’t mind small leg space and old buses. If you like more luxurious holidays or don’t have much time to spend traveling have a look at “By Air” segment below.
To better explain the itinerary we divided it in 5 parts:

1-Bus from Bangkok to Trat

At Ekkamai Bus Terminal several buses depart to Trat(every 1,5 hour) but in order to make this trip work in it’s best timing, boarding the last bus at 11:30pm for an overnight trip is the right choice.
Ticket price will cost you 236 bath per person and will take 6 hours or less, with the possibility of buying a discounted open return ticket.We personally decided to buy the open return, which came with an attached timetable and booking phone number(the time can be selected in person at any Thai bus station as well).
They provide a bottle of water, unless you’re planing on sleep all the way there, bring some snacks.

Ekkamai Bus Terminal (Eastern Bus Terminal) – สถานีขนส่งสายตะวันออก (เอกมัย)
Also spelled Ekamai Bus Terminal
BTS(skytrain): Ekkamai station – Sukhumvit line, exit 2

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Our bus to Trat
2-Van from Trat to Hat Lek(Thai Border City)

Soon as you arrive in Trat walk to aisle number 13 and buy a van ticket to Hat Lek.Depending on how early your bus arrive you may need to wait a moment to purchase the ticket, there’s some simple Thai restaurants besides the station where you can have some breakfast while you wait.
Info we got was that the first van departed at 7:00am but we actually catch the first car that left at 6:30 that is even better to get you early to your final destination.If for any reason you want to embark a later time, they depart every 45 min until 5:00pm.
Van cost is 120 baht per person and it takes 2 hours until the border.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia

When in Hat Lek the van will stop very near the immigration office, impossible to get lost.
There will be many man trying to sell you sim cards, offering to carry your luggage, etc.There’s no need to feel pressured to buy anything, they’re harmless just a bit insistent😉.
If you do need help with your luggage, 1 usd is the fee(and maybe you don’t really need but still want help, feel free to tip them to carry your backpack💗).

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Visa cost around 30 usd depending on your nationality, however corruption is a frequent happening at this specific border point with the officials overcharging it.
The visa forms are free and you don’t need to pay to have it filled for you, just politely denied the service and do it yourself.
Check the official embassy website for updated rates for your nationality and insist on it with the officers.Most of the times it will work if you stick with it, or at least bring the price down a bit.
We tried to push until the right fee and after few minutes on it they reduced a lot but not to the proper amount(5 usd lost each), we felt that there’s just a limit on what you can actually insist on a situation like this and it will depend on case to case how far you can go(extortion can and should be reported to your country embassy).Also we didn’t want to lose much time over this matter, unfortunately this is part of the process.
Bring money in US dollars otherwise the exchanging rate used for payment in Thai baht will rip you off.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Between Hat Lek-Cham Yeam border crossing


3- Tuk Tuk from Cham Yeam(Cambodian Border City) to Koh Kong

Now you are in Cambodia!With your visa in hands and ready to proceed.
There will be drivers offering taxi/tuk tuk services at the immigration office exit(don’t worry about finding them, they will find you=]).
Bargain your price down until 3 usd and be clear about the location you want to be dropped.Here you can go to “Street 3” or directly to the bus station(more about it on next segment).Ride will take around 20 min.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Our tuk tuk from Cham Yeam to Koh Kong

Make sure to have usd change to pay the driver otherwise they will suggest you to change money where they can get some commission.
Also be sure to say a clear(gentle though) goodbye to you cabby as you get at your destination if you want to get a cheap price at your bus seats, if not, they will follow you around looking for commission.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Way to Koh Kong
4- 4.1Bus from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville or 4.2-Taxi from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville

4.1: Now you have 2 options, Street 3 or Bus Station.
At Street 3 you’ll find some small “travel agencies” selling bus tickets to Sihanoukville.
Few companies make this route, but if you are using the time line we are indicating, the convenient to grab is the one leaving the city at 10:00am.
This bus will have a stop, where you will have to change bus(wait time up to 30min in a simple restaurant).They have fruit available and cold drinks, to refresh while you’re waiting.Total travel time of 4:30 hours.
The start price will be 14-18 us dollars, bargain your ticket down to 9 usd(8 usd can be dealt by a skilled bargainer).
If you choose to go directly to the bus station, you may have less bargain window but from our experience it seems like many people are trying to sell the tickets and getting a good deal won’t be a problem.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Koh Kong

Enjoy the view on the way passing through the Cardamom Mountains.
Based on the street signs if you pay attention you will see some elephants around too.🐘
Make sure to keep your valuables with you as there’s some occurrences on items been STILLED from passenger luggage(specially in night-time buses).

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Our bus from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville

4.2: A private taxi to Sihanoukville can be found for 40 to 65 us dollars, it depends on you bargain skills and departure time. The run will take 4 hours.
Remember to ask which car will be used for the trip, if it has air-con, etc. Also be sure to explain that you want to be dropped at your hotel on arrival.
If you plan to leave Koh Kong in the afternoon will be very difficult to find a taxi, as is safer to get the trajectory done by day time.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Our taxi from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong
5-Tuk Tuk/Taxi from Sihanoukville Bus Station to your hotel (if you chose 4.2 skip number 5)

Again, bargain is needed to find you a 3-4 usd(depending on your location) ride to your hotel.
As we had luggage we grabbed a taxi instead of the usual tuk tuk for the same price.

We end up paying 5 usd(just 1 usd more than we agreed), something that made the driver extremely happy.
He couldn’t hide his contentment and told us that he was a tuk tuk driver before and had just upgraded to that car as his new business.Happy warm heart people just like in Thailand.💝
Immigration working hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm
Be aware of immigration working hours, specially when using private transportation.

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
We have done this route using 4.1 on our way to Sihanouk and 4.2(inverted) on our way back to Thailand.Both went great and are recommended.

By Air

Flights to Sihanoukville will depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.For detailed information about Bangkok Airports Click Here.
Sihanoukville Airport is located 20km from the city center, you will need to pick a taxi(20-25 usd to city center) or shuttle bus(6 usd per person) to your hotel after arrival.

Sihanoukville International Airport – អាកាសយានដ្ឋានអន្តរជាតិក្រុងព្រះសីហនុ


*If you feel that you are being scammed, that someone is trying to take advantage of you, overcharge you, etc. refuse politely.Altering you tone of voice or angry face expressions will bring you nowhere in Cambodia.
*All kind of small services will be offered to you along this trip, remember that their country suffers with poverty and you may be helping a lot when using this services.(It doesn’t mean you have to, feel free to denied as you wish)
*If time isn’t a concern and you are into nature exploring, Koh Kong is a ecotourism destination including trails within the Cardamon Mountains and more.
*You will need money in Thai Baht and US Dollars to complete this trip, changing it in advance(Bkk is a good choice) will save you some trouble.
*Bring passport size photos for visa.
*Forget the rest and enjoy your beautiful present moment in an exotic land!🎁

Are you in for an adventure?Let us know at the comments below!❤️

From Bangkok - Thailand to Sihanoukville - Cambodia
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