Things I Find Exotic In China

Here we come with a list of things we find alluring in China.
They are distributed around the country and can be seen on a daily bases, yet, they never cease to enchant.



The grandiose gateways are distributed all around, using traditional Chinese architecture, adding beauty to wherever they stand.


Guardian Lions

Originated from Buddhism, the stone lions are also popular in other parts of Asia.
They are believed to have protective benefits and are usually represented in pairs.


Hand Fans
Zhé Shàn

The charming ancient object even though used worldwide, is strongly associated with Chinese culture.
In the past artists used to hand-paint the fans making them true pieces of art.
There’s also a variation called Chinese dancing fans, which is used in traditional performances.


Chinese Pagodas

These beautiful towers are one of those things that come to mind immediately when thinking about China.
In the past they were constructed to store relics, nowadays there are diverse uses for them, including housing temples as one of the most popular.

Things I Find Exotic In China


Asian Conical Hats

Created to protect from the sun and rain, this hats came to be associated with Chinese culture.
They are often spotted in the cities and display the mix of the old and the modern coming together.

Things I Find Exotic In China


Parks and Gardens

It didn’t take long for us to notice that the Chinese gardens and parks are a spectacle of beauty.
Not only big and famous ones but every little garden you spot is a work of art, they definitely mastered it.

Things I Find Exotic In China


Singing and Dancing Groups

My first time in China was in 2008 and I come back every year since then, I visited and lived in many cities and never went without seeing the dancing and singing groups.
They usually use traditional music, which helps to give a truly Chinese experience for anyone passing by.



T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Tàijíquán) means “the ultimate fist”. It’s an internal Chinese martial art, which means that apart from the physical aspects, it comprises Qi (life force), spiritual, and mental characteristics.
Click here to see our experience in a Taichi class in Shanghai.

Things I Find Exotic In China



Part of Chinese traditional architecture, the intricate roofs caught my attention for the first time on my trip to the Forbidden City in Beijing.
The amount of detail and colors leave you gaped. Since then, I always pay attention to the alluring roofs in every place we visit in China and I am yet to be disappointed.

Things I Find Exotic In China



Symbol of traditional Chinese culture, the gorgeous lanterns are still found decorating the cities.
They give a special air to any ambient and for tourists like us, it brings the real feeling of being in China.


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Sanya Vlog: Destiny Girl’s TV Commercial Backstage – Hainan Island, China

Located in the southernmost province of China, Sanya (三亚) is known as the country best beach destination.
Unfortunately, my time was limited, but I tried to gather as much as could to show you.
There’s much more to see around town, but I think the places on the video are enough to spark the desire of those who wish to visit the island.😉

Addresses and extra info about everything you saw on the video:

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport – 杭州萧山国际机场

Sanya Vlog: Destiny Girl’s TV Commercial Backstage - Hainan Island, China

Sanya Phoenix International Airport – 三亚凤凰国际机场

Sanya Vlog: Destiny Girl’s TV Commercial Backstage - Hainan Island, China

Phoenix Island – 凤凰岛
Artificial Archipelago

Beauty Crown Grand-Tree Hotel – 美丽之冠大树酒店
Address: 101-1,Phoenix Road,Sanya
Address in Chinese: 三亚市凤凰路101-1号

Sanya Vlog: Destiny Girl’s TV Commercial Backstage - Hainan Island, China

Visun Royal Yacht Club – 鸿洲国际游艇会
Address: 2 Yuya Avenue, Sanya
Address in Chinese: 三亚市榆亚大道2号


What is your impression of Sanya? Let us know in the comments below!❤



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