Have You Visited Terengganu ??? – Malaysia

How lucky are we to live in such a blessed planet?
Alluring nature that fits perfectly with culture rich people. A true show!
Terengganu is one of these places where we can witness our fortune all around.
Perfect candidate for a bucket list. Actually, the last five words were unnecessary.😉

Visit Terengganu


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Malaysia is a dazzling paradise!
Let us know your favorite place in Terengganu in the comments below!❤️

The Hidden Diver’s Paradise of Malaysia - Tenggol Island

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Last Moments of Kapas Island + Marang – Malaysia l New Adventures Ahead!

Our last day in Kapas, time really flies!
Still, there’s enough of it for one more snorkeling session, and one more breakfast with feet on the sand.

A short boat trip and we are in Marang.
Where we could not wait to buy once again the treats we tried few days before at the morning market.

In the next morning a new destiny, can it get better?
Stay tuned to see.😉


Addresses and extra info from everything you saw on the video:

Qimi Chalet
Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Private beach at the north-west, after Kapas Coral Beach Resort, Pulau Kapas
Phone and WhatsApp: +60 17917 5744

Kapas Coral Beach Resort
Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Walk north from the pier, near Ombak Beach Resort, Pulau Kapas
Website: http://kapasisland.com
*Our boat departed from here

Marang Pier – Marang Jetty
Boat Schedule: Marang-Kapas(around 30min) – 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm.
Kapas-Marang(around 30min) – 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 5:00pm.
Price: rm30 for round trip(open ticket, the return can be scheduled anytime)

Pasar Besar(Big Bazaar) – Morning Market
Address: In front of the pier, Marang
*Has a great variety of traditional desserts, snacks, and exotic fruits.

Hotel Near Marang Pier
Sorry friends, we can’t remember the name, but it is easy to find
Address: On the main road, above Pizza Hut, 5min walk from the pier, Marang
Price: rm69 for an a.c. double room with private toilet(cold shower)

Masjid Lama Bandar Marang – Mosque
Address: In front of 7-eleven, Pejabat Majlis Daerah, Marang

Night Market
Address: From the pier follow the main street, pass by Pizza Hut, keep going for another 10-15min, Jnl Marang-Wafak Tapai, Marang
Open from 5 to 8pm.
*Unless you are staying in Marang and have time in your hands, it is not a special spot.
It looks just like any other small street market in Terengganu, you’ll come across them near bus stations or such, no need to make time to specific see this one.
The morning market near the pier is much, much better.

Time to say Goodbye to Kapas, easy not to be sad, the trip will keep going!😉
Now that you’ve seen Kapas from top to bottom, how do you like it? Share with us in the comments below!❤





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