Have You Visited Terengganu ??? – Malaysia

How lucky are we to live in such a blessed planet?
Alluring nature that fits perfectly with culture rich people. A true show!
Terengganu is one of these places where we can witness our fortune all around.
Perfect candidate for a bucket list. Actually, the last five words were unnecessary.😉

Visit Terengganu


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Malaysia is a dazzling paradise!
Let us know your favorite place in Terengganu in the comments below!❤️

The Hidden Diver’s Paradise of Malaysia - Tenggol Island

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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Gemia Island, Malaysia

Stunning Gemia Island is one of Malaysia’s secrets, that most have never heard of.
Luckily, we are putting the word on the streets, paradisiacal Gemia is gorgeous and is waiting for you!

Located 800 meters from Kapas Island, it fits perfectly on an island hopping vacation, but can also be the one and only star of your holidays.
Paradisiacal setting awaits lucky travelers that make their way to the small, yet enchanting island.
Great snorkeling, crystal clear water, white sand beach, and exotic scenery will be your sweet reality.

Where To Stay

There’s only one hotel located in Gemia Island, luckily it’s a nice one, you can check everything about it on the link below.

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Gemia Island, Malaysia

Gem Island Resort & Spa
Website: http://www.gemisland.com.my
*A dive center is available at the hotel.
**The hotel is closed for monsoon season, it will open again on March 1st, 2018.

For vegans, some of the hotel staff speaks good English, you can explain your diet preferences.
If staying at the hotel, we recommend talking about it before booking to make sure it suits your needs, as buffet style meals are served(you have the option to order a la carte but it is not included in the package prices).

What To Do

Great barracudas, blacktip reef sharks, magnificent sea anemone, crown-of-thorns starfish, and many other beautiful fishes and coral can be found around the island.
The hotel offers guided snorkeling packages, if you have any experience, you can definitely do it by yourself.

The resort has a dive center where you can book different styles of courses or dives.
Contact the hotel to check latest prices and schedule.

The crystal clear water makes for a beautiful kayaking experience.
Going around the island, or all the way to Kapas is easy and doable even for those without experience(if you are not a skilled swimmer, please, use a life jacket).

⚫Chill On The Beach/ Hammock Time
It is a paradisiacal island, no explanation needed.😜

⚫Turtle Watching
A turtle conservation project takes places at the hotel premises.
There’s a protected space where the eggs laid in the sand are cataloged and safe to hatch.
Also, a small pool(nearby the hotel swimming pool), where the baby turtles stay until they’re ready to be released into the sea.

There are rock formations and a few beaches to be explored around the island, there’s not an actual trek per say, but you can create your own route.

Unfortunately, as it was very near to the hotel closing date for monsoon season, the spa wasn’t working when we visited.
If this is something important to you, make sure to check with the hotel beforehand.
The majority of the time though, you’ll be able to get a massage to further extend your relaxation.

How To Get There

To go directly to Gem Island, there’s a special boat schedule by Surialink company from Marang, taking 15min and costing rm75 for a round trip ticket.
Marang Jetty to Gem Island – departs at 09:00, 11:00, 13:00*, 15:00.
Gem Island to Marang Jetty – departs at 09:30, 11:30, 13:30*, 15:30.
* These 2 schedules are not available on Fridays only.
To see how to arrive in Marang, you can click here, where our post on “How To Get To Kapas” will explain it step-by-step.

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Gemia Island, Malaysia

Boats to neighbor Kapas cost only rm30 round trip, I would recommend staying at least a night in Kapas as well, if you have time.
In case you don’t want/can’t stay in Kapas, but budget is a matter, still you can come to Kapas Island first and then a smaller boat from Gem hotel can pick you up for free on a 5min ride(make sure to schedule this with the hotel, free for guests only).

If coming from Kapas, but not a guest at Gem Resort, still you can visit the island.
A short boat ride can be arranged with your hotel, or you can rent a kayak and go by yourself.
If kayaking, sea conditions should be noted and it’s advisable to wear a life jacket.

The hotel arranges private boats by request, costing rm160 one-way between 8:00-9:00am and rm198 one-way between 3:00-6:00pm.
The boat fits max 12 passengers.
If renting a private boat is something you would like/need to do, asking around Marang pier is a way to probably find lower rates on a more flexible schedule.

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Gemia Island, Malaysia

Where To Next

⚫Island hopping:
Going South you can find Redang, Lang Tengah, and Perhentian Islands.
North there’s Tenggol Island.

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Gemia Island, Malaysia

⚫Non-beach destinations:
To the north, Kenyir Lake, and nearby waterfalls.
South there’s Kuala Terengganu, the capital city of Terengganu state.

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Gemia Island, Malaysia


We adored Gemia! What about you? Share with us in the comments below!💗

Surprised by Malaysia’s beauty? Stay tuned for more!


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