Our Baby Shower – Brazil

Endless years saving pictures to files in my computer and then to boards on Pinterest fancying the idea of celebrating the arrival of a baby to our family!
Here we are, the day arrived and we invite you to take part in our celebration!

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Hollywood Portrait Lighting Technique – 5 Months of Pregnancy

Today we celebrate our 5 months of pregnancy with a photoshoot and will share with you all the technique used to achieve these photos.
During the video, I forgot to mention that when I’m using two lights, the key light is the Octabox and the white umbrella act as a fill with half of the power of the Octabox.
It’s good to understand the light ratio when using more than one light and we will talk more about that in future videos as well.
I wish you enjoy the shooting and share your thoughts in the comments section below,
stay tuned!

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What I Ate In A Day – VEGAN PREGNANCY In Brazil

Today we’ll show you what we ate in a day of our preggo lives in the South of Brazil.

Potato Recipe:

5 big potatoes or 10 small ones
4 shallots
1 cup mixture of half water and half soy sauce
chopped scallions to taste

Peel and chop your potatoes and onions in big chunks. Place them in a large pan, bring it to fire.
Add a bit of the soy sauce and water mix and place the lid on the pan. Every 5 min add a bit more of the liquid mixture until potatoes are soft.


If you would like to see more videos like this let us know in the comments below!✨

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Brazil – Salto Ventoso Waterfall

Located in the city of Farroupilha in the South of Brazil, this stunning waterfall is such a calming and energizing place, that the wish is to stay more.
We’ll be back for sure to spend a few days just chilling at the waterfall and its surroundings, nature is always healing.
Brazil is such a big country, that there are endless options when talking about traveling. We’ll first introduce you the South, place where we are native from and our favorite out of the whole country.

The reason the South is so charming counts not only in its ravishing nature and architecture but also with a strong culture that embellishes, even more, the picturesque scenery.
Let’s begin with this precious drop in the ocean of the South, Salto Ventoso Waterfall, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Here all addresses and extra info from everything you saw on the video:

Salto Ventoso Waterfall
GPS: -29.285015, -51.412712 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Address in Portuguese: Rua Valter Tolosa Corrêa da Silva, Farroupilha
Website: http://www.saltoventosoparque.com.br/ (only in Portuguese)
Entrance fee: R$ 10,00 per person, R$ 2,00 per child under 5 years old
Open from 9 am to 6 pm, close on Mondays.


Wine Route – Rota do Vinho
Address: Bento Gonçalves
GPS: -29.194640, -51.557694 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Website: http://www.valedosvinhedos.com.br

Salto Ventoso Waterfall - Brazil


Portal Bowling
GPS: -29.178262, -51.230728 (copy and paste in map’s search bar for exact location)
Address in Portuguese: RS 453, km 2, Desvio Rizzo, Caxias do Sul
Website: http://www.portalbowling.com.br/ (only in Portuguese)
Open from 4 pm to 4 am, closed on Mondays to Wednesdays.


Want to see more of Brazil? Stay tuned!✨

Salto Ventoso Waterfall - Brazil

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24 Weeks Pregnancy Update! – Brazil

Today we come with our pregnancy update!
Here I open my heart about changes, symptoms and more.
Thank you for everyone following our journey and your sweet wishes, we appreciate your support.

Little feet

Stay tuned for our name reveal and other really fun news coming soon!

Practicing Yoga
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The FAMOUS Traditional South Brazilian Dessert Sagu – How to

Such deliciousness must be shared!
Here we come with a piece of our culture, something we grew up enjoying and is always a reminder of our traditions.

The FAMOUS Traditional South Brazilian Dessert Sagu - How to


1l of red unseated wine or 100% red grape juice
1/2l of water
1,5 cup of sugar
1,5 cup of tapioca sagu balls

To see a step-by-step guide on how to prepare it check the video above.

If you like this video and want to see more traditional recipes let us know in the comments below!😊

The FAMOUS Traditional South Brazilian Dessert Sagu - How to

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Dynamic Portrait Studio Light Technique

Here we bring you another tutorial to shoot portraits and have that shining beautiful contrast in your photos.
Is extremely important that you read your light in order to use one as a key light and another one as a fill, keep in mind the power output of lighting that I’m sharing with you in the video as well.
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Inside The Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot – 19 Weeks

We have our baby boy with us and off course couldn’t let this time pass by undocumented.
With that being said, every month we are going to have a backstage photoshoot of our pregnancy time.
Our intention with these backstages is to share how amazing it is to be parents and at the same time, teach studio photography lighting techniques.
In the following months I’ll be sharing tons of photo backstages, stay tuned!

Inside The Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot - 19 Weeks


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Fashion Photoshoot Inside The Studio With Canon EOS RP

Today we take you behind the scenes to a model book photo shooting with a professional model.
For this shooting, we are going to photograph 3 different looks because it’s important to the model to have diversity in her book.
Pay close attention to the details because we are sharing with you all the settings and lighting diagrams to get the shots and also showing how the Canon EOS RP performs inside the studio. Enjoy the video and let us know if you like it in the comments below📸

Fashion Photoshoot Inside The Studio With Canon EOS RP




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1st Trimester Pregnancy Update – Brazil

Here we come sharing the experiences of our first trimester.
A lot of changes happened during this time and we are excited to talk about it.
Fellow parents and baby lovers are more than welcome to share their own experiences and give tips in the comments below.✨

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