Can’t Believe We’re Here – Kapas Island, Malaysia

Can't Believe We're Here - Kapas Island, Malaysia


One more day in paradise, waking up with the sound of the sea, breakfast with feet dipped in the sand,
and the blue powerful ocean waiting for us.💙

Jungle trek to a deserted beach, exotic food, snorkeling, rainbow cloud, and watching the sunset by the sea. What else could you need?
Nothing is the right answer, thus, we were blessed with everything.🙏

Addresses and extra info from everything you saw on the video:

Qimi Chalet
Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Private beach at the north-west, after Kapas Coral Beach Resort, Pulau Kapas
Phone and WhatsApp: +60 17917 5744

Can't Believe We're Here - Kapas Island, Malaysia

Jungle Trek – Berakit (Eastern side)
Starts behind Kapas Island Resort, nearby the pier, can also be done from Turtle Valley path but the difficulty level is much greater.
Quick, easy to medium difficulty level, worth the walk.😉

Kapas Island Resort
Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Nearby the pier, Pulau Kapas

Kapas Turtle Valley
Address: South-west, one bay after Captain’s Long House, Pulau Kapas
*One hotel is located at this bay(Kapas Turtle Valley), they don’t accept non-guests in the restaurant or spa.

KBC – Kapas Beach Chalet
Hotel and Restaurant
Address: In between Aquasport Divers and Ombak Beach Resort, Pulau Kapas
Phone and WhatsApp: +60 19343 5606
*Cheapest private rooms only walk in, other styles can be booked in advance.

A beautiful beach is our favorite place to be. Are you a beach lover too? Share with us in the comments below!❤️

Loving Kapas? Stay tuned for more!

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