Canon 6D vs Canon M50 + Viltrox Speedbooster Comparison

Canon 6D vs Canon M50 + Viltrox Speedbooster Comparison

I have my Canon 6D for over 3 years and I just love this camera for my photography work.
As the speed booster for the Canon EOS M system is here, we decided to give you a comparison on the field of view, bokeh, and brightness in between these two cameras.
A few people commented that it isn’t really a full stop gain with the speedbooster, as we have to count the relation of the crop sensor not just for the size of the frame but for the aperture as well.
Well, some articles explain why we should consider the crop sensor affecting the aperture and other articles says it’s unaffected.
I arrive at the conclusion that, as we have an enlargement of the field of view and aperture by the speedbooster, the shots with the Canon M50 had more light coming into the sensor as you can see on the video.
We used the same settings inside and outside and on both, they had the same results.

Here some pictures for you to compare and take your own conclusions:

We have a camera with dual pixel autofocus, 60fps full HD, 4k 24fps, flip screen, mic jack, interchangeable lenses, customizable color profile, weighing about 350grms, wifi, and now with an adapter that boost it for better results. All for 600 dollars.
It’s almost 2019 and so far nothing beats that, it’s amazing!

I will leave the links where you can purchase the Viltrox ef-eos m2 adapter and the Canon M50 here:


Now that you saw the images side by side, we would love to hear your opinion about it, share with us in the comments below.

Canon 6D vs Canon M50 + Viltrox Speedbooster Comparison

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