Breathtaking Siem Reap, Cambodia – Part 4

Breathtaking Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part 1

Part 4 is here to unveil more of our incredible journey in Siem Reap.
Prepare your hearts to absorb all the beauty this fantastic city has to give!

Breathtaking Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part 1


The People

Something different happened in Southeast Asia, I don’t know what it was, but everyone is heart warming nice!
Not a little bit; huge amounts of kindness, honesty, love, respect, compassion, contentment, and the list goes on and on.

We most definitely have something to learn with these people.
Having the opportunity to appreciate their culture and their environment is something i’m grateful for. It’s an experience that here is complete, because people count, more than you think about when planning a trip.
I’m not saying everyone is perfect, but the majority of people are being consistent on giving their best and that’s impressive and of course welcoming.
I admire the grace, smiles and energy the place emanates.

Breathtaking Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part 4

Oh, The Energy

The mix of everything is mesmerizing.
There’s this energy that is hard not to feel. You don’t have to be a person that pays attention to this kind of stuff to get that something is going on in the air around here.
I am not sure how to explain it, it’s surreal, like an elevated dimension. Something you will just understand by feeling it.

If you like/want give it a go/practice meditation make sure to try some out here, sometimes is easy to let such things pass when we are entertained with the changes on the exterior world.

Breathtaking Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part 1


The Temples

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The Food

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Night Markets and Nightlife

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Getting To Cambodia From Bangkok

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Keep tuned for more about Siem Reap! Let us know what you like best about Part 4 at the comments below!🌸

Breathtaking Siem Reap, Cambodia - Part 1

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