My name is Jeane and together with my husband Diego we create this new adventure that features lifestyle,travel,hobbies and much more.

I started to travel in 2008.ATgAAAAvinXsp9DAFv4DDxP4lsFMNU671sxt8nfNcR4_aVmNsX8yDDkAWiCM2SDTmIl20zEMFXyGOlTFTOwiAKZUfkJiAJtU9VDZDGCWOcbImhe5shnXItu6BwIrfA

Met Diego in India back in 2009 and we deeply fell in love!ATgAAABJ-6CYiPo9-JHvaGhJWMk5EeDstxgNklQAuUAAoHTVz_DoO2d_cBxO1M-Ne4Cx6EAbP4oMJvjKrOGGhHd9taj9AJtU9VAsBAyjPQZWTdFR4JACIzCzqUOT8Q

We got married in October 2010! 540511_3942653928314_1901018424_n

We live around the world and from now on we are bringing you together to share our experiences!